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A Friv Yeti Table Of Contents

Posted: 12 Sep 2006, 13:07
by Friv
I dunno, everyone else was doing it. Peer pressure FTW!

(If this can get stickied, assuming there aren't too many sticky-ToCs already, that would be cool.)

Chronicles Of The Second Age

(Note: The Chronicles have been arranged not by storyline, but by writing-order. This is because, especially at the later ends, they intertwine such that spoilers are given in one story relating to others.)

Twilight Of The Second Age:

Chapter One: Light In The Darkness
Part One: Darkness
Part Two: Foolhardy Bravery
Part Three: The Power of the Sun in Human Form
Part Four: From The Darkness
Part Five: Justice In The Evening
Part Six: Meetings By Night
Interlude 1: Shadows of the Void

Chapter Two: Gods And Dragons
Part One: Beginnings
Part Two: Choices
Part Three: Dragons
Part Four: Mysteries
Part Five: Wavecleaver
Part Six: Poisoned Soul
Part Seven: Burning Sun
Part Eight: Mother's Loss
Interlude 1: A Deathknight Walks Into a Bar...
Interlude 2: Not Dead

Chapter Three: Something Rotten
Part One: Safety Concerns
Part Two: Stranger
Part Three: The Value of a Secret
Part Four: Sun and Moon
Part Five: Courses of Action
Part Six: Yasal
Part Seven: Windwalker
Part Eight: The Truth
Part Nine: Mokrelus

Chapter Four: Transitions
Part One: Discussion
Part Two: The Bear Necessities
Part Three: Moon Against The Stars
Part Four: Procession
Part Five: Diversion
Part Six: Confrontation
Part Seven: Frenzy
Part Eight: Loose Ends
Part Nine: Battleground

Chapter Five: Resolutions
Part One: Wasteland
Part Two: Oh Snap
Part Three: Determination
Part Four: Prayer
Part Five: Mindscape
Part Six: Redemption
Epilogue: Hope

Red Sky At Night, Chapter One: Gathering

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five (Story Swap: By Fallstavia)
Part Six: Tough Love
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine: Captain
Part Ten: Boarding
Part 11: Alliance

Interlude: Dukantha

Red Sky At Night, Chapter Two: Juriss

Part 12: Decisions
Part 13: Goddess of Sea And Death
Part 14: Organization
Part 15: Training Style
Part 16: Nerves
Part 17: Gateway
Part 18: Nganto
Part 19: The Sea Against The Flame
Part 20: Duty

The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Chapter One: Setting The Stage

Part One: Petition
Part Two: History
Part Three: Sidereals
Part Four: Lawgiver
Part Five: Control
Part Six: Battle Plans
Part Seven: Opposition

In Which, Chapter The First

1. In Which A God Is Born
2. In Which Faiths Collide
3. In Which Our Hero Takes A Bride
4. In Which Our Heroine Receives A Pet
5. In Which Our Hero Has A Revelation
6. In Which Our Hero Slays A Dragon
7. In Which A Goddess Laughs

The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Chapter Two: Conflicting Plans

Part Eight: Threefold Discussion
Part Nine: Detour
Part Ten: Arbiters
Part Eleven: Understanding
Part Twelve: Curveballs
Part Thirteen: It Had To Happen
Part Fourteen: What To Do

In Which, Chapter The Second

8. In Which Our Heroine Is Sought Out
9. In Which An Argument Takes Shape
10. In Which Our Hero Makes A Resolution
11. In Which The Hunt Begins
12. In Which Names Are Lost, Recovered, And Granted
13. In Which A Bunch Of Names Get Borrowed
14. In Which Mercury Takes A Hand
15. In Which Duty Is Dicussed

Red Sky At Night, Chapter 3: Preparations

Part 21: Reunions
Part 22: Romance
Part 23: Heart-To-Heart
Part 24: Assets
Part 25: Shift
Part 26: Pragmatism
Part 27: Visitation

In Which, Chapter The Third
16. In Which Prophecies Are Laid
17. In Which A Maiden Meets Her Mother
18. In Which Enemies Meet
19. In Which Things Get Even More Complicated
20. In Which Our Heroine Figures It Out
21. In Which Our Heroine Is A Bit Late
22. In Which There Is A Falling-Out
23. In Which A Lesser Storm Comes
24. In Which Three Friends Part Ways

The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Chapter 3: Countdown To Midnight
Part 15 - Countdown To Midnight
Part 16 - The Devil Discovered
Part 17 - For The Good Of All
Part 18 - Burning Brightly
Part 19 - Damage Report
Part 20 - Summoning
Part 21 - To Break A Mask
Part 22 - Spoils Of War

Red Sky At Night, Chapter 4: The Seas Will Run Red With Blood
Part 28: Resources At Hand
Part 29: Enlightened Self-Interest
Part 30: Infernal Sorcery
Part 31: Boss Fight
Part 32: Blood On The Water
Part 33: Blood And Bone
Part 34: Titan's Wrath
Part 35: The Past And The Future

Epilogue: From The Ashes

The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Chapter 4: The Blood-Stained Throne
Part 23 - A Cold Wind Blows
Part 24 - Falling Petals
Part 25 - Ivory Child
Part 26 - Improvised Weapons
Part 27 - Scourge
Part 28 - Toll
Part 29 - Sisterly Love
Part 30 - Secret Meeting
Part 31 - According To Plan
Part 32 - Don't Tease The Dragon
Part 33 - Parting Ways

Epilogue: Empress's Ascent

In Which, Chapter 4
25. In Which A Town Receives Odd Visitors
26. In Which We Meet A Very Old Friend
27. In Which Awful Truths Are Revealed
28. In Which Lines Are Drawn
29. In Which The Truth Is Finally Revealed
30. In Which Isidoros Walks
31. In Which The Conduit Triumphs
32. In Which The Battle Draws To A Close
Epilogue: In Which A New Age Dawns

Part 1: Ring Around The Rosie
Part 2: A Pocket Full Of Posies
Part 3: Ashes, Ashes
Part 4: We All Fall Down

The Dynasty's Shadowed Light Versus The Fourth Wall - A Story - This is a decidedly non-canon story that takes place after The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Chapter 4, Part 25.
Inside A Madman's Mind: I Ramble About My Stories

Twilight Of The Second Age Character Sheets (Contains Spoilers)
Red Sky At Night: Character sheets

Other Works


Part One: A Meeting Of Blades
Part Two: A Dalliance In The Dark
Part Three: Negotiations By Night

Chapter One: Death In Urias
Part One: It Always Begins In A Bar
Part Two: Death In The Night
Part Three: Dance With The Dead

Stand-Alone Stories
Blood Hunt
Shifting Tides

For those rare few that just can't get enough (haha) there's also my Exalted Wiki Page and my non-Exalted serial adventures.

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by Friv
Holy crap update!

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by Seras Winterblood


Posted: 04 Jan 2007, 00:47
by Friv
A Timeline of the Second Age stories that I am writing.

Currently includes 'Twilight of the Second Age' (T), 'Red Sky At Night' (N), 'The Dynasty's Shadowed Light(L)', 'In Which' (W), and Paladin.


R.Y. 1

A Fair Folk decides to become a god. (W1)

R.Y. 70

Lord Alakazar defeats Immaculates seeking to convert his people. (W2)
Lord Alakazar takes four wives and defends Hazelburn from the Realm. Serafin Exalts as a Lunar (W3-7)

R.Y. 73

The Silver Pact tattooes Serafin. (W8-9)
Serafin and Alakazar swear to defend Creation (W10)

R.Y. 178

Gwydion and Millia join the Silver Court. (W11-13)

R.Y. 181

Twice-Breathing Millia Exalts as a Sidereal (W14-15)

R.Y. 733

Tepet Fokuf nearly dies in the snow seeking Exaltation. (L2)

R.Y. 743

Tepet Fokuf is sent to Greyfalls. (L2)

R.Y. 753

Tepet Fokuf returns to the Realm. (L2)

R.Y. 759
Adran's wife dies. (P1)

R.Y. 761
Adran travels to the Carnival of Meetings. (P2-3)

R.Y. 764

Adran is Exalted. (P4)
Tepet Fokuf is pronounced Regent of the Realm (L2-3)

R.Y. 765

Tepet Fokuf Exalts. (L4-5)

R.Y. 767

Resplendant Fire:
7th: Kieran saves Elena, Khory, and Nia from the shadow monsters. (T Ch1)
16th: Twice-Forged Steel and Corpse Scented With Jasmine kill the shadow monsters and set off in pursuit of Kieran. (T I1)
17th: Kieran fights a corrupt spirit and the Wyld Hunt in Gemmel's Reach. (T Ch2)
24th: Kieran reaches Greyhissop and meets Sirrim. The battle of Greyhissop (T Ch3)
28th: Kieran fights twice, first to free Skulking Bear and then to change Mokrelus. (T Ch4 and 5)

R.Y. 768

Descending Air:
14th: Regent Fokuf tricks Peleps into signing a bill that helps V'Neef into law. (L1, 6-7)

Resplendant Water:
9th: Sesus Oramakus gets a bad prophecy. (W16)
11th: Millia and Serafin chat about family and business. (W17)
12th: Millia and Serafin find the akuma and meet with Tyr (W18-19)
14th: The Battle For Greyfalls (W20-23)
21st: Tyr, Millia, and Serafin part ways. (W24)

Descending Water:
6th: Twice-Breathing Millia comes to the Realm (L8)
14th: Tepet Fokuf helps Jaar leave the Realm (L9-10)

27th: Cathak Lodaris leaves the Realm.

Ascending Earth:
5th: Twice-Forged Steel and Corpse Scented With Jasmine arrive in Juriss.
14th: Alina's vision prompts Cathak Citrios to bring her on his next Hunt. (N1)

Resplendant Earth:
3rd: Alina defends Lodaris from Citrios and the Wyld Hunt. They join forces. (N4-6)
7th: Mnemon sends Perfect Tears And Alabaster Sorrow to spy on the Regent. (L11)
11th: Citrios leaves the Realm to search for Alina and Lodaris.
16th: Alina and Lodaris set sail for Juriss. (N8)
17th: Alina, Lodaris, Steel and Jasmine battle with the Lintha (N9-11)

18th: The Azure Rider arrives in Juriss. (N12-14)
18th: Damian renews worrying about Cathak succession. (L12)
19th: Khory meets with Fokuf, Damian, and Nagazzer. Mnemon learns of it. (L13-14)
23rd: The battle against Nganto (N15-20)

Ascending Wood
3rd: Cathak Citrios comes to Juriss. (N21-23)
11th: Strategy meeting. (N24)

Resplendant Wood
20th: Damian prepares to enter the Loom of Fate (L15)
22nd: Millia dies. Attack on the training camps. (L16-18)

24th: The Wyld Hunt comes to Juriss. (N25-26)

Descending Wood
21st: Fokuf and Damian discuss the Bureau War (L19)

Descending Fire
25th: Serafin reaches Eagle Lake and meets Nash (W25-28)

1st: The Battle Of The Broken Mask. Mnemon summons Jacint and takes stuff. (L20-22)
2nd: Luna visits Alina. (N27)
Thelon and Cyrus meet. The Scourging (L23-27)
3rd: Aftermath of the Scourging (L28-30)

Serafin does battle with the Conduit of Isidoros (W29-32)
4th: The Lintha invade Juriss. (N28-end)
5th: The Deliberative meets to choose a new Empress. (L31-32)
Serafin looks forwards to a new Age (W-end)

R.Y. 769

1st: Mnemon is crowned Empress. Fokuf leaves the Realm. (L33 & Epilogue)

Age of Blood And Bone

Posted: 24 Sep 2007, 14:40
by Friv
The Age of Blood And Bone gets its own section.


Part One: Shadows of the Void
Part Two: Purity of Belief
Part Three: Righteous Fury
Part Four: Ordered Dominion
Part Five: For the Good Of Creation
Part Six: End of an Era


Part One: Throne Of Bone
Part Two: Superspy
Part Three: Chase Scene
Part Four: It's Been A Long Day
Part Five: The First Meeting
Part Six: Bloody Memories
Part Seven: Catfight
Part Eight: All Together Now
Part Nine: Cards On The Table
Part Ten: Alone In The Dark
Part Eleven: Frank Discussion
Part Twelve: Meeting The Perfect
Part Thirteen: Paranoia
Part Fourteen: Attack Run
Part Fifteen: Punching Through The Dead
Part Sixteen: The Enemy Of My Enemy
Part Seventeen: Hidden Agenda
Interlude 1: Don't Ask For Directions

Part Eighteen: Remembrances
Part Nineteen: Patrol
Part Twenty: The Autochthonian Dead
Part Twenty-One: Confusion
Part Twenty-Two: Around The Camp
Part Twenty-Three: Sayis
Part Twenty-Four: Yes, Minister
Part Twenty-Five: Holy Writ
Part Twenty-Six: The Western War
Part Twenty-Seven: The Northern War
Part Twenty-Eight: The Eastern War
Part Twenty-Nine: The Southern War
Part Thirty: Tea Break
Part Thirty-One: Who Is Playing Whom?
Interlude Two: Bear Witness

Part Thirty-Two: The Waiting Game
Part Thirty-Three: Dark and Darker
Part Thirty-Four: Furiouser and Furiouser
Part Thirty-Five: Turtle Doves
Part Thirty-Six: The Final Players
Part Thirty-Seven: Light In The Dark
Part Thirty-Eight: The Full Problem
Part Thirty-Nine: Knock, Knock
Part Forty: A Good Gloat
Part Forty-One: Deathmatch
Part Forty-Two: Difficult Choices
Part Forty-Three: The Third Path
Part Forty-Four: Past And Future
Part Forty-Five: Xanatos Gambit
Part Forty-Six: Exchanging Words
Part Forty-Seven: The Nature Of Virtue
Part Forty-Eight: No Regrets
Interlude Three: Silence's Lament

Part Forty-Nine: Endgame
Part Fifty: Writing on the Wall
Part Fifty-One: Isolani
Part Fifty-Two: The Reveal
Part Fifty-Three: Unholy Alliance
Part Fifty-Four: Zwischenzug
Part Fifty-Five: Unilateral Action
Part Fifty-Six: The True Story
Part Fifty-Seven: The Last Chance
Part Fifty-Eight: The Choice
Part Fifty-Nine: Checkmate
Part Sixty: Rock Falls, Everyone Dies
Part Sixty-One: Final Confrontation
Part Sixty-Two: Sacrifice
Part Sixty-Three: The End

Epilogue One: Hard At Work
Epilogue Two: Contentment

A Quick List Of Alliances - Because it can be hard to keep this many characters straight. Includes all Conduits named to date.

The Alliance of Sacheverall:
Sacheverall (Harakken Cyrus), Adorjan (Iselsi Thelos), Wesmaken (Sillia Sword-dancer), Cytheria (Parakk).

The Alliance of the Ebon Dragon:
The Ebon Dragon (The Phoenix Empress), Hegra (Kythan Seven-Splendours), Gatanaris, Biraszha Haisz (Malakin Verr), Oramus

The Alliance of Malfeas:
Malfeas (The Emissary), Szoreny (Ma-Ha-Suichi), Ghroth (Queen Lani), He Who Follows In Her Wake, Thari (Saloy Hin)

The Alliance of She Who Lives In Her Name:
She Who Lives In Her Name (The Perfect), Cecylene (Wind Daughter), Zuratha (Tide Star)

The Alliance of the Neverborn:
Principle of Consumption (The Bodhissatva), He Who Holds In Thrall (The First And Forsaken Lion), Whose Whispers Chain (The Unrepentent Sage), The End Of Stars (The Dowager)

The Alliance of Creation:
Gaia (Serafin Ordered-Chaos)

Defeated Primordials:
Kimbery, Isidoros, Talavos, Sadagares, Kagami, Chorifa, at least one Neverborn

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by Friv
Wyldfarer-setting Stories:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Derelict II: Gaze Of The Abyss

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Stuff Related To RP Games

Posted: 08 Apr 2008, 20:42
by Friv
Tales Of The Iron Lake

These stories are set in the Grovedale setting of my Changeling: The Lost game.

1. Repentant
2. Concerned

Stand-alone Stories set in the Iron Lake

My Clever Maya
And That's What Little Girls Are Made Of

A Sky Of Thorns

These stories are novelizations of the actual sessions of a two-person game of the same name.

Part 1

Re: A Friv Yeti Table Of Contents

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 00:17
by Friv
Random non-Exalted, non-Changeling fics.

Forged - The backstory of my Mutants and Masterminds character.
1. Forged In Battle
2. Forged In Doubt
3. Forged In Suffering
4. Forged In Secrecy
5. Forged In Vengeance
6. Forged In Survival