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Zeal's Fiction

19 Mar 2007, 11:03

For Sivar Kash stories and sundry other rarely-updated fics.

New In Town - Part 1 - Part 2

Once Upon a Time in Gem - Part 1


A Brief History of the World (Alternate Setting) - Part 1
[01:57] Zeal: "You know, you're right." Kash lowers his sword, drops out of the martial stance. "I don't know what the hell you are." He takes a step closer.
[01:58] Xilanada: Makarios smiles, seemingly pleased.
[01:58] Zeal: "I don't think something that's not human can technically be a gentleman, but let's talk. I'm sure we can come to a conclusion we'll both--"
[01:58] Zeal: (Rolling join battle)

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