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Ancient Flame Ignited Index

23 Apr 2007, 10:51

Because people keep IMing me for certain chapters, here's the index for everyone's favorite cowboy.

So quit making the grabby hands motion, Sugg!

Chapter One: It Starts

Chapter Two: The Guns

Chapter Three: The Unconquerable Sun Makes A House Call

Chapter Four: Judgment Night

Chapter Five: The Chains Are Broken (Or Do They Become Tighter?)

Chapter Six: She Entered The Bar...


Chapter Eight: Give Me...A Damn...Cigarette

Chapter Nine: Tales of Earth, Wood, and Fire

Chapter Ten: On The Road Again

Chapter Eleven: Rough Sex and Gruesome Death

Chapter Twelve: Dogs and Their Bones

Chapter Thirteen: Disney's The Haunted Manse

Chapter Fourteen: The Doctor Will See You Now

Chapter Fifteen: The Good Doctor

Chapter Sixteen: I'm A Doctor, Not A Vet!

Chapter Seventeen: The Gunslinger's Stone

Chapter Eighteen: Farewell, Dog

Chapter Nineteen: Clingy Girlfriends Are Creepy

Chapter Twenty: STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!

Chapter Twenty-one: The Chain That Wouldn't Break

Chapter Twenty-two: Goddamn Ninjas

Chapter Twenty-two and a half: Big Trouble in Little Great Forks (a response written by a certain foxxy gal)

Chapter Twenty-three: Investigation Is For Pansies

Chapter Twenty-four: The First Rule Of Fight Club

Chapter Twenty-five: Don't Touch a Cowboy's Hat

Chapter Twenty-six: Why He's Just Named Demetheus

Chapter Twenty-seven: DEMETHEMANIA, BABY!

Chapter Twenty-eight: Those Crazy Italians

Chapter Twenty-nine: Entering The Heptagram

Chapter Thirty: The Notra Codex

A Match Made In Malfeas (the opposite side of the coin from Chapter Thirty, written by teh Pelepele Cindertend)

Chapter Thirty-one: The Games of Divinity
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