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Caldorian's Stuff

26 Nov 2007, 07:50

Not yet much to link, but hopefully this list will become longer in the future:

An older art gift to CZ.

Yokomo heroic mortals series:
Player character - Akodo
Player character - Amilar Samaro
NPC - Yo Taijiho, the Choushi
NPC - Princess Yo Fumiki
NPC - Five-Eyes Kyou

First Session: The Thunderbird's Decision

Portraits of the South:
Admiral Sand
Ashurnasirpal the Diamond Spear
Faka Kun
Maduka Shin
The Perfect of Paragon

Other stuff:
The Gemini - Sidereal Twins

[NSFW Yaoi!] Silver Faction Benefits (Lunar x Shepherd of the North Star)
[NSFW Yaoi!] Gold Faction Benefits (Venerable Silk x young Solar)

Cathak Ran Me, a character of mine.

Raha Muren, one of Kailan's Sidereal NPCs. :^.^:
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