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Compiled Scarab Based Resources

15 Jul 2009, 09:04

The following is a collection of stuff relating to the rogue abyssal character, Blessed Kiss Of The Scarab. Cuteness abounds.
Blessed Kiss Of The Scarab: Scarab And Friends, SFW Artstuffs. Last updated, 27/03/12
The Smuttier Side Of Scarab: Scarab And Friends, Smut Artstuffs. NSFW. Last updated, 27/03/12
The Last Love Song On This Little Planet: SFW Scarab Story. Last updated 29/07/09
Hot City Chronicles Cast Commissions: Scarab And Friends, SFW Commissioned artwork. Last updated, 06/02/10
Ask Scarab and Co: Scarab and Frends, Questions and Answers Blog, Pretty SFW, but no promises. Last updated, 27/03/12
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