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Drabbles (Exalted)

11 Sep 2011, 02:20

Bronze Faction Meeting Hall NO MOLDIE GOLDIES ALLOWED

"Alright people, " Chejop Kejak took to the podium, "The Solars have returned in full force. Their are 300 of those bastards, counting their corrupted version which honestly I don't see the difference, and only 100 of us. We need some ideas."

One Sidereal stood up, "We should release Kukla!"

Chejop shot the Sidereal dead in the head with an Essence Pistol, "Stupid here has ensured now their are 99 of us."

"Actually, sir, their were 67. Now 66 of us."


"Now 65, " Said Chejop, "Anyone else wanna be a smart ass?"


"Damnit!" That was the least of the curses made by the Solar Exalted. It was the sort of things she always said whenever she came to after blacking out to find herself covered in blood and surrounded by bodies, "At least tell me they deserved it this time!"

"I would have turned into a celestial lion and sat on you, " Assured the Lunar

"Yeah, about that, " Said the Sidereal, "Where did you-"

"What I want to know is why the hell do I go black out and murder everything when someone just looks at me sideways?" The Solar said.

"That is the curse of being Exalted, " Lamented the Lunar.

"Yep, the price you pay for killing the Primordials, " Chipped in the Abysal.

"Wait, what do the Primordials have to do with this?" Asked the Solar.

"Wait, don't ya know about the Great Curse?" Asked the Infernal, popping up behind the Abysal, "I thought that was what we were talking about."

"Ya, you know, the curse the Neverborn put upon the Exalted with their last dying breath to go mad with their own flaws?" Abysal.

"Man, the way the Ebon Dragon tells it you'd think he was the one who came with the whole idea and manipulated the Neverborn into doing it, " Infernal, "Like he planned for their asses to die."

"I wouldn't believe a single thing from that asshole."

"I'm a Fiend Caste and I never believe him!"

"I think being off the Fiend Caste makes you especially qualified to see through his bullshit."

"Hold on!" The Solar interupted, "Are you telling me the madness we Solar suffer, the worst excesses of the First Age, is the revenge of the Neverborn from beyond the grave!?"

"Yeah man, have you ever seen me or the Infernal go crazy?"

"Yes, plenty."

"Okay, have you ever seen me go crazy when I wasn't a conduit of the Neverborn's wrath or, hold on, " The Abyssal turned to the Infernal, "Why is it you go crazy?"

"The Yozi gave me an Urge and Torment me if I don't follow through."

"Geeze, that sucks. But yeah, again, Primordials did it but for us it's a way to keep us in line. For you it's a final fuck you they hard wired into your shards."

"Into our shards?" The Solar pondered, "Is that why the Terrestrials don't go mad?"

In response, the Abysal turned towards the team's Wood Aspect Terrestrial.

"Oh dragons!" She screamed, looking about the devestation before scurrying over to a flower pot knocked over during the struggle. She uprighted it and spoke to it like it were a child, "Are you alright little petunia? Oh, you poor thing!"

The Abyssal turned back to the Solar and said, "Sure."

((v Added by someone else v))

Sidereal: What about us?
Solar: Sorry, who are you?


Paraspites The Petty Spite of the Yozi

Not actually daemons of the Yozi, they are a result of their bitter curses against the Exalted before their imprisonment. They are mosquitoes that have been imbued with the petty spite of the Yozi. They specifically target the Exalted but they do not spread some infernal disease or significanly incapitate or harm the Exalted in any way. They itch. They give the Exalted mosquito bites, horrible, itchy, mosquito bites that cannot be ignored. The Solar of the First Age could not wipe them out and neither could Autochton or The Unconquered Sun. They are the enduring hatred of the Yozi upon Creation no matter the success of the Reclamation, petty as it is.


The Note of Autochthon

The days before leaving for Elsewhere, Autochthon stopped for a moment and realized their was a lot of crap that has been left unknown that before he went he should get off his chest; the nature of the Great Curse, Nox and lots of other important secret things he was in a position to know but everyone else short of Jupiter was left in the dark. The sort of things he should have taken care off before if he ever was and not leave to the last minute. But this is Autocthon we're talking about so he wrote a frikking note.

The nature of that note is uncertain except it was very likely penned in Old Realm and the power it granted any who read it to override any geas to forget the information that lay within which they would pass on to any they told. Of course, he meant for that note to be left in plain view of everybody, as in all of Creation, to be so projected as soon as he took off by another artifact in which the Note was safely tucked inside. Since it would be projected all over Creation, Autocthon didn't bother to put it anywhere they could physically find it and consequentaly when the Projector Across Creation failed the Note was forever lost.

Of course Autochthon didn't tell anyone about it so Nara-O knows. The God of Secrets Only One Person Knows simply doesn't know the contents of the Note since the information on it is known by a few or where it is hidden so a few servants were involved in the installation of the Projector and the Note in their hiding place without being told of the nature of what they handled. But it is out there somewhere, possibly hidden in plain sight. A good place to start would be the Sword of Creation, also known as the Realm's Defense Grid now, made to look like as a part of the rest of super weapon but then it's up to the Storyteller. The information it would grant can be anything the ST wants although the nature of the Great Curse is most likely to be on there. Whatever it is, it would be a great boon to whoever found it.


Exalted IN SPACE

The Solars will have to become the Stellar Exalted, champions of Stellar Invictus, God of the Unconquered Stars. Their castes would be named for the life-cycle of main-sequence stars, Nebula (Eclipse), Yellow Star (Zenith), Red Giant (Dawn), White Dwarf (Twilight) and Black Dwarf (Night). Orihalcum is also called Stargold.

The Lunar Exalted will have to become Nocturnal or Atrium Exalte, champions of Noxi or Atria, Goddess of the Darkness Between the Stars. Their castes would be named for the miscellaneous things the travel wildy through the void, the Comet (Nomoon), the Meteor Caste (Changing) and Asteroid Caste (Full). Moonsilver is called Spacesilver, but commonly just Mithril.

The Sidereal can keep their name and their auspices. They are the champions of the Five Maidens, the Goddesses of Shape The Star Take and they still preside over a number of prominent constellations and are named for the galactic arms, Perseus (Mercury), Norma (Jupiter), Scutum (Saturn), Carina (Venus) and Orion (Mars). Sidereal attune to Cosmicmetal instead of Starmetal, made my unpredictable spacial anomalies.

The Terrestrial are no longer terrestrial as of being in space. They are still dragons so let's work with that, they are the Draconian Exalted. Or, as they are the chosen of the Elemental Dragons, they are the Elemental Exalted. Their aspects are a mix of Creation's elements and Autochthonia's and whatever else seems appropriate for SPACE. The Plasma Aspect (Fire, still just fire but even hotter and an excuse to be different pretty colors), the Solid Aspect (Earth and Steel, basically metals and rocks and such), the Liquid Aspect (Water, Oil and we'll throw in acid and liquid metal), the Atmospheric Aspect (Air, Smoke, Steam, Lightning, the weather) and the Living Aspect (The Living Elements like Wood and Crystal, since it's natural to assume in a sci-fi setting any crystaline structure you find is alive). They attune to Powercrystal. The Elemental Poles are set to actually make a three-dimensional shape around the galaxy, a four-side 'pyramid' with the Solid Elemental Pole in the middle.

The Abyssal Exalted keep their names and their master's. Their castes are named for the life-cycle of stars that may eventually lead to Black Holes. Blue Star (Daybreak), Blood Star (Moonshadow), Nova (Dusk), Neutron (Day) and Black Hole (Midnight). They attune to Voidsteel.

Infernals remains the same. They're cool.

Alchemicals just have their castes renamed for the new magical materials' names, Stargold, Spacesilver, Cosmicmetal, Powercrystal and Voidsteel. They also have Adamantium.


Sorcerers developed a spell that from a single mote will create a construct that constantly reflects their emotional state via abstract facial expressions. Then they sends these to all their friends so they may keep track of one another. These are called 'emoticons'.


Yailna the Jumping Joy, Eclipse Exalted of the Unconquered Sun, grinned at her Full Retinue. It was a term she made-up to cover having members of every sort of Exalted ever! Even a pair of 'cousins', those two with Solar Exaltations tainted by the remains of the Primordials, an Abyssal and an Infernal. There they were, talking right now, getting along! They were probably talking about how awesome it would be to become Solars again!

"Look, the Yozi are incompetent mad titans who barely have control of their Exalted, " Said The Hand That Stops The Executioner's Axe, Death Knight of the Dusk Caste, "While the Abyssal will start shooting out kill beams at everything if we don't do it with out bare hands, thus doing the Neverborn's work."

"So you truly think the Neverborn are worst then the Yozi, " Said Marquis, Green Sun Prince of the Fiend Caste, "And the entire basis of your argument is mostly about how they deal with their Exalted, right?"


"Well, let me re-educate you, my friend, " Marquis adopted a wicked smile fit for a demon, "Let me tell you about the initiation rights of a Green Sun Prince amongst our patron's Third Circle Demons but mostly let me tell you about a little girl named Lillun."

"O... kay?"

"Marquis!" Yailna scolded the Infernal in front of everyone, "Why did you make Hands cry? He's an Abyssal, he's already has enough to be emo about!"

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