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Exalted Un-Animated Series Script

22 Feb 2011, 02:12

I'm writing a script for an 'Un-Animated' series. It will be still frame like a comic but sequenced in a video with voice overs. I'm hoping to solidify characterization eventually and I hoped I didn't rape the fluff too hard (Sol knows I'll be doing enough of that to the crunch).

Each space between lines indicate a different panel.

----- indicates a transition effect.

Episode 1

*Cut to the desert with Freydolf, a city off in the distance*
Frey: The southern city of-

*Look at map*

*Look up from map*
Frey: The southern city of Sia Karak! This place is crumbling at the seams and ripe for the conquering!

*Cut to Axe, also in the desert*
Axe: Sia Karak, so much shit went down here and I’m gonna fucking make heads roll for it.

*Cut to Oya and Wilds*
Oya: The blot of evil hangs heavily upon Sia Karak! I will shine the Light of Luna upon this place and wipe away the darkness!
Wilds: Hi, I’m also here!

*Cut to Sing*
Sing: Sia Karak, a real party back in the day. I will make this place rock the fuck out again.

*Cut to Superior*
Sup: Sia Karak, never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I must clean up this for Grace, Valor and the Superior Way!

*Pan out to find that they are all standing next to each other except for Freydolf. From left to right Axe, Sing, Oya, Wilds and Superior. They look confusedly at each other.*
Axe: Is that a Fae?
Oya: Is that a Deathknight!?
Sup: And that’s a Lunar!
Wilds: Well isn’t this a surprise?
Sing: Like, who the hell are all you people?


*Back to Freydolf, looking calmly out into the distance as he smokes a pipe and the sound of a fight breaking out behind him*
Axe: For all the souls lost in the Contagion, you wyldfucker!
Oya: By the light of Luna your darkness of Oblivion will be blotted out!
Sup: Tally ho!
Sing: Dudes.
Oya: Special Love Beam Wave!
Sup: Laser beams! Comin’ out of my eyes!
Axe: Axe to the face, bitch!
Sing: Dudes, seriously.
Oya: Oh yeah!? Then how bout a Cheap Shot!?
*cracking noise*
Sup: Right in my Staff of Conviction!
Axe: Oh is that the game we’re play now? How bout a Cunt Punt!?
*squishing noise*
Sing: Dudes, stop it.
Axe: And now for Chesticle-
Sing: Right, that’s it.

*Freydolf turns around as a mean riff interrupts his musing*

*Oya, Sup and Axe, each gripping each other’s throats, also look*

*Sing, Zenithe caste mark showing, plays a bitchin’ solo*





*Frey claps*

Frey: Very nice. So-

*Points to Sing*
Frey: A golden anathema-

*Points to Axe*
Frey: A black anathema-

*Points to Oya and Wild*
Frey: Two silver anathema-

*Points to Sup*
Frey: And a raksha.

Sing: A Dragonblooded? Damn, I didn’t notice him.

*Looks embarrassed off to the side*
Sing: -right in front of me.

*Back to normal*
Sing: Are you going to call a Wyld Hunt on all five of us?
Oya: Good luck!

Frey: Wyld Hunt? No, you all our being conscripted to my army.
Axe: What.

Frey: We’re going to conquer Creation.

*Everyone else stares at him. Axe looks thoughtful.*

Axe: What, just us?


Frey: With you anathema by my side-

Sing: We are Exalted as well.
Frey: Wha-

Wilds: Save for the raksha, we are Celestial Exalted.

Unlike Terrestrial Exalted, such as yourself, are power do not come from breeding.

Each of us was chosen by one of the Celestines, the most powerful gods of Creation.

Oya: *points angrily at Frey* And we are not anathema, we are not demons to be hunted like wild animals!

Frey: *rubbing his chin in contemplation* Well, here I was hoping to raise an army of demons to storm Creation. You guys will have to do then.
Axe: You still have quite convinced me why the hell we should do what you say.
Frey: Well what are your motivations? You know mine: Conquer everything. What are yours?

Axe: It is my desire to bring vengeance for the innocent upon the wicked.

Sing: To take back what was mine in the First Age and this time do it…


Oya: To fight for love and justice, in the name of the moon! Goddess!

Wilds: To spread civilization to the four corners of Creation.

Sup: To fight for Grace, Valor and the Superior Way!

Frey: And what if I told you I can give each of you what you want if you but follow me?

*At the gates Sia Karak, all of them stand there together*

Axe: I can’t believe we’re gonna fucking do this.

*End Credits*
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Re: Exalted Un-Animated Series Script

22 Feb 2011, 03:20

interesting mix

i like

if anything, then at the very begining when looking at map stuff - indicate what people are present, or if the person is alone. its always important to establish who is where when you go "cut to X" - simply so we know you're not cutting to something miles away...
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