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Flarebloods Shogunate Dragon-Blooded game (art commisions)

17 Nov 2018, 14:38

All works by Andajojo unless stated otherwise.

Saibok Jiro Corinna Image
Matriarch and founder of Gens Jiro, Corinna has pioneered Dragon Rail technology in a bid to replace Deliberative infastructure that can no longer be repaired. She maintains her family's position through a mix of charisma and secrecy for no one outside of the Jiro knows exactly how the Dragon Rails work. She knows it's not an edge she can keep forever and is looking for new ventures.
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Re: Flarebloods Shogunate Dragon-Blooded game (art commisions)

19 Nov 2018, 20:29

Kumari Nahla
The Shogun never asked to be the head of her own Gens let alone the leader of a burgeoning empire but her desire to ensure the ascendency of her family and protect it from reprisals saw her betray friends and allies in the name of her greater good. Without her Sworn Kindred and the forces they control her grasp on power would be very tenuous indeed they need to work together for the sake of the regime even if some of those relationships are strained by the ruthless tactics that brought Kumari Shogunate came into being.   
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Re: Flarebloods Shogunate Dragon-Blooded game (art commisions)

26 Nov 2018, 14:36

Saibok Tanis ImageThe twin sister of Jiro Corinna and one of the greatest military commanders of her generation. Tanis loved Nahla before she was the Shogun and with that love comes the loyalty of one of the greatest military powers of the north, in the new Shogunate the Saibok see a future for themselves as something more than soliders of fortune.  

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