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[Solar] Zariah the Judge

20 Nov 2017, 18:17

At the end of the first age the Golden Lady sealed her kingdom away before the usurpation could reach her. Being arguably the most powerful solar sorceress the Golden Lady was always a little odd. Her kingdom was on the edge of creation and faded away once word of the usurpation reached her.

Zariah has been chosen to journey to creation and see what has happened to creation. To see if times are ready for the Golden Lady return. Once leaving there is no going back if creation is not worthy for the Golden Lady. Zariah did not hesitate to accept the mission.

During his brief time in Creation, Zariah has meet several unusual figure and sight, but none has effected him more than meeting his Lunar consort: Kyubi. The pair seem truly fated to be as both are part of two worlds, the Wyld and Creation. He has also joined with the Solar riverboat captain: Hana, another fae blooded off spring of the Fair Folk noble: Frozen Tear. 
'A goddess rewards a mortal with torrid oral sex on the stairs of the city's greatest manse. In Lookshy its a legend that's lasted generations; in Great Forks its Tuesday"

"The so called "Mouth of Peace" is so heavily mind controlled and geased by her handlers its said that if you look at her through essence sight you can actually see fine incorporal threads trailing off her limbs into the ether or when she's really under tight control a phantom image of Kekjak's arm actually jammed up her anus. Those are the times when she seems most happy."

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