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Aiden Comic #137 *warning: universal key*

19 Sep 2006, 13:07

"There was a young lady named bright,
Who could travel much faster than light,
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And came back the previous night."

Love is never having to say you're sorry. Power is being able to kill anyone who asks for an apology.
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19 Sep 2006, 13:09

Brute force wins out every time.
tree bending in the wind...TREE IN THE FUCKING WIND, DAMNIT!!! - joseybird
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19 Sep 2006, 19:02

Del foresees awesome.
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Essence 3
Essence 3
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20 Sep 2006, 04:02


Did I ever mention I just love his crazy antics?
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20 Sep 2006, 05:19

Sidereals being subtle?
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Essence 4
Essence 4
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20 Sep 2006, 10:25

As we have seen in the past, Sidereals have no need to be subtle to Aiden
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Essence 1
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21 Sep 2006, 09:19

Actaully, I'm pretty sure what we've seen in the past indicates that subtle /doesn't even work/ on Adian.

If you do something subtle, he won't even notice you.
After all, if you're subtle, you obviously not important enough to earn a moment of the Solar Exalted's time.....

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