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My Dream (freeform verse)

16 Oct 2006, 18:10

I dream of living amidst eternal snow and ice. I wear white, and run barefoot across crisp fields of snow untouched in ages. Under twilight skies I twirl and laugh and frolic over ice of such purity that it reflects only the stars. Surrounding my plains are ancient and majestic mountains swept smooth by the wind. Each of these old gray men bears a white crown high upon its peak. They stand eternally and contentedly to watch over me and my paradise.

I dream of dancing amidst crystalline fields where the ever-resting sun’s light falls prismatic through sculpted ice. Awash in colors of purple and orange I reflect on the eternity surrounding me. Sculpture carved by wind and light that gift me with such beauty. Ethereal lights reflect about the glade and I do not decline their offer. I dance with each errant radiant ray in joy that they would have me as their companion. We cavort together between the spires of transparent ice.

I dream of waking under a blanket of frost pulled over me as the twilight sun dipped restfully into the night. I toss my blanket playfully away, a veil of twinkling stars gently falling around me. I laugh and throw my hands up amidst my dispersing cover. High above, hanging perfectly in in the tranquil ebon sea, the stars twinkle in answer to my mirth. I rise from the embrace of the snowy field and run gleefully across my meadow.

I dream of running to crystal caverns that lay peacefully under the frozen waters. Starlight makes its home in the smooth walls. I breathe in the calm, cool air in the winding tunnels. All around me the ice sparkles like countless stars that left their home in the night to join me. I listen to their wisdom, gathered as it has forever in the firmament. They speak silent but profound words that echo through the polished halls. I find myself listening for a lifetime, until the twilight sun rises once more and bathes the caverns in pure shimmering illumination. The beauty brings a frozen tear of delight to my eyes, which glints in the light of the newly endless dawn.

I dream of living amidst eternal snow and ice, and in my dreams I am happy.
"There was a young lady named bright,
Who could travel much faster than light,
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
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