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Aiden Comic #275 *warning: obliviousness*

31 May 2007, 08:34

"There was a young lady named bright,
Who could travel much faster than light,
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And came back the previous night."

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31 May 2007, 09:07

And now let's brace ourselves for the unbearable hotness of Niz' stick figure rendition of LCIRT.

I declare a preemptive :win: , because i may not be able to comment when my eyeballs will have melted.
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31 May 2007, 09:14

I know its a line thing, but it looks like Aiden's eyes are a little heart in the second to last panel. :) But, I can't wait to see how this ends up.
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31 May 2007, 12:01

Watch all her dialog come from off screen... :XD:
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01 Jun 2007, 01:08

IanPrice wrote:
Watch all her dialog come from off screen... :XD:

Or she'll be obscured by shadows.
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01 Jun 2007, 01:26

velloran wrote:
IanPrice wrote:
Watch all her dialog come from off screen... :XD:

Or she'll be obscured by shadows.

Or She'll look exactly like a goth version of First Age Aiden.
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01 Jun 2007, 01:50

...or she'll be First Age Aiden.

I can't be the only one who would be unsurprised if she were a Deathlord. :P
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01 Jun 2007, 12:28

Kailan wrote:
...or she'll be First Age Aiden.

I can't be the only one who would be unsurprised if she were a Deathlord. :P

And was the actual one training Aiden, perhaps.

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