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08 Apr 2018, 18:19

Well, it sure has been uh... a super long time! Yes. We'll leave it at that.


Apparently on their way to disseminate (har har) illicit presidential candidate water sports tapes and fake news, a collection of Russian bots saw fit to vomit their spam in our corner of the intertubes. I've cleared it all out so I think we're good for now. If I accidentally deleted your post, I apologize. :x

BUT ANYWAY I plan to be more active around here, for realsies this time. Have fun, do let me know if another Russian tries to sell you penile enhancements on the crunch board.


P.S. In a hilarious bit of irony (ok I think it's funny), the only forum without any pornographic spam was the NSFW fanwork forum. XDDD
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