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Posting Inability

26 Aug 2009, 21:45

While I've had posts go slowly before when sending, I've noted within the past two weeks that some would take forever and then fail to go forward. Is anyone else suffering this issue, or is it, as I suspect, a byproduct of my college's network?
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Re: Posting Inability

27 Aug 2009, 08:23

I have had similar problems, and the inability to stay logged in for more than 10 min. I too am on a college network...I guess they dont' liek us on forums lol
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Re: Posting Inability

15 Feb 2010, 15:02

The forum is still undergoing domain transfer, hence the occasional logging out. There are a few bugs Flence is trying to work out, so please be patient.

As for posting inability, Flence had to shut that and the search down for a little while so it would stop overloading the server until he can locate and fix the code that's causing that. Things should be up and running just fine again in a day or two.

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