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The applicability of the Oberoni Fallacy

16 Mar 2010, 02:23

I would like formally accuse the Moderator Logos Invictus, of abusing his privileges as moderator and locking a thread with little cause. There was no troll attempt nor intent to troll. Even the person who was 'being trolled' (or in this case accused of being a troll) has not stated any ill will or misunderstanding of the subject.

I am concerned with this misplaced outrage on the behalf of someone who doe not seem to be outraged.

It is my opinion that opinion of Logos Invictus differs with that put forth my myself and my co-authors and as such has focused on the thread The applicability of the Oberoni Fallacy with an undo critical eye and has locked the thread because of his contrary stance.

When I attempted to prolong discourse to ascertain the source of this and clarify any misunderstanding I received most intriguing responses promoting me to the opinion that there were others beside myself interested in continuing the debate on the track it was on. The moderators closing of this thread has disallowed anyone glean more information from the discussion or me to attempt to clarify my statements and understand the source of any misunderstandings.

I, Ajax Tobin have not abused any forum rules nor have I provoked such an unusually harsh response.


Please know that I or one of my co-authors will attempt to start a new thread based on the same article unless I receive a notice from the Celestial Admins.
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Re: The applicability of the Oberoni Fallacy

16 Mar 2010, 02:33

This seems like something that you really need to take up with him in PM rather than making a public post on the matter - as per the forum rules. :/ If you guys can't reach a consensus, then feel free to ask one or more of us to act as mediator. If you would prefer that there be a third party to view your conversation then CC one of us in a PM.

Please do not duplicate your post until the matter is resolved, as we take a dim view of posting spam (especially if done to spite a moderator decision).
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Re: The applicability of the Oberoni Fallacy

16 Mar 2010, 02:35

This was uncalled for. If you have a problem with a mod, you take it to said mod in a PM, or another mod in a pm if you don't think you can conduct your conversation peaceably.

I am locking this thread as well, as I do not want to see this continued.
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