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Forum Achievements

16 Mar 2010, 08:58

Since we've started running regular contests (please see the new Masterwork Contest Protocol for more info), I think it's finally time for me to dust off an idea I had a while back and implement an Achievement system here on TFS. Naturally, contest winners would receive a specific custom achievement added to their profile - however, I also want to use this as a spur to increase our total message volume.

That said, I'm opening this up to you guys: if you had your way and could implement an Achievement/Trophy system akin to those found on current-generation consoles, only for this forum, what would you reward? Postcount, longevity, etc. are all obvious; I'm looking for more esoteric suggestions. Bonus points for clever / funny / punny names. Again, look to Microsoft and Sony for inspiration. :science:
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Re: Forum Achievements

18 Mar 2010, 21:14

WE NEED A NOSESORE! STAT! - Force several people to grab the brain bleach involving something sexual.
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Re: Forum Achievements

19 Mar 2010, 22:56

Hmmm..... Possibly something involving the various exalted achievements in the thread?
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Re: Forum Achievements

20 Mar 2010, 03:25

A few ideas that just occurred to me:

Achievements for posting actual content in the various fanwork forums

Achievements for keeping a series/thread going in those forums

Acheievements for commenting on other people's work a certain number of times

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