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This place still exists? How...

05 Jul 2018, 12:57

I could swear it went 404 on me at some point... Oh well.
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Re: This place still exists? How...

07 Jul 2018, 22:31

That happened on occasion in the past when you didn't specifically write the url for the forum index in and just went to TFS, I think.
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Re: This place still exists? How...

20 Jul 2018, 02:35

Still here. Just rediscovered this place a bit ago myself. Sad that I missed the site's glory days, but I'm submitting my own meager story, in the hopes it will persuade others to do likewise. Noticed you mention your name here over on the Onyx Path Forums. Isn't it like Saur Ops or somesuch?

Can't say I'm in love with 3E, but eh, I love the world and lore of Exalted. So, come on back and write something! :)
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Re: This place still exists? How...

16 Nov 2018, 04:27

Wow, are we back? because I *loved* this place! Adding it back to my book marks. :D
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Re: This place still exists? How...

17 Nov 2018, 14:18

I'm trying to get the word out.
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