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Advice on tricky situation

21 Nov 2016, 19:09

Hi guys

So, the only Exalted game I run is this old play by post choose your own adventure that I started when I first got into the game. It's just me and a pair of friends who don't have any knowledge of the game outside of what's happened in the thread [though they know enough to say "thank you pattern spiders!" when they roll a 10  :roll: ]. The story has been slow in progressing but it's about a Dragon Blooded [or several technically] in the West of the Realm. 
They haven't been exposed to any of the nastier facets of Realm society yet. I'm sort of building up the decadence of the Terrestrials and letting them have fun with what Resources 5 really means before I start showing them what life is like for everyone else. E.g. they've only just realized that their favorite servant is a slave. I did mention it early on, but they just glossed over it because they just thought of him as a grumpy butler. And so now they're realizing "Oh, slavery is a thing" etc.
As things have gone on I've let them switch perspectives with a bunch of other Dynasts, and even the aforementioned slave.
But here's the thing.
Shortly after that slave was introduced the players unanimously decided that the main character [A seventeen year old, 4 foot 8 inches Earth Aspect girl with Dexterity and Martial Arts 5] wants some of that. As in jumping this guys bones is arguably her Motivation. It's actually been great for the roleplaying side of things and the whole story has been a rom com ever since.
BUUUT here's the thing.
She has a sister, a 30 year old Water Aspect.
Who also wants in on the action with aforementioned slave.
As in, one of my players wants to make them a full blown OT3.
Like not just "sharing a concubine" I mean two Dynasts dating a mortal slave.
I have no idea how that would work out realistically. I need advice.
The aforementioned slave is actually a Chosen of Secrets.
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Re: Advice on tricky situation

16 Jan 2017, 09:59

While it's likely too late and things have moved on, pretty sure Dynasts don't 'date' slaves.  Which might be a great opportunity to highlight the cultural difference by having the older sister treat the slave as a slave.  If your players or you are really wanting both ladies to be nice and decent to the slave, they could be!  But at some point, another family member is going to catch on which gives you lots of opportunity for them to criticize or just reassign a slave that clearly has a disproportionate influence over two Dynasts.  

As for the slave himself, another opportunity might be to let your point of view character overhear other slaves gossiping about the relationship, perhaps express fear for their lives if older DBs catch on and punish or reassign the whole slave population of that house somewhere else.  Or perhaps express envy over the slave's position, or fear that he might use his easy access to two Dynasts to cause trouble for them.  

Any time you have such disparities in social power, there's an opportunity for some good drama. :)
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