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[Recruiting] Hex crawling in ancient greece

28 Oct 2011, 23:47


I need some drat games, so why not run my own?
Mazes&Minotaurs is a game that posits the question "What if OD&D was based on greek myths" rather than the insane hodgepodge it is based on. It is a quite robust game that definitely captures an old school flavor. Oh and it's free

This will be an old school hex crawl style game, which means you all get to be a bunch of murderous hobos in your quest for fame and glory exploring hexes around a central location with no rhyme or reason, other than your desire to aquire ever increasing amounts of glory and/or wisdom. Since this is in mythic greece, said quest will involve treasures, relics, stupid monsters, an endless parade of beastfolk to murder, characters turning to stone, and of course gay sex( :awesome: ).

Things to keep in mind
2) Dropping food and/or loot behind you as you run for your life after you pissed off the minotaur is a good idea.
3) Seriously, make a character who wants to adventure and explore the world, this is a sandbox hexcrawl.
4) If you dick over your party members i will reach through my computer screen and slap you
5) Dickery to NPCs is however encouraged.
6) I'll probably treat the more uhhhh pre-enlightenment aspects of greek society like the TV show rome, they'll exist, they'll be pretty bad, but i won't really dwell on them.

Game will be played over IRC with skype for OOC chatter(OOC chatter in an rpg? :monocle: ), and map tools if i ever feel that a major battle demands i keep track of everything.

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