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Are deathknights undead?

A deathknight is some kind of crazy "omniundead" being at once a zombie, a ghost, a lich, etc.
No votes
Deathknights have come back from death, but despite having a corrupted shard hooked up to their soul, they are the same as any other exalt.
6 (60%)
Ironically, deathknights are "Extra Alive", like Sineaters from Geist!
1 (10%)
Other (please describe!)
3 (30%)
Total votes: 10
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What does it mean to be a death knight?

14 Jun 2012, 00:25

Hey guys, since my last poll went well and I finally got off of my ass and got more hashing out done, here's another poll for you. It pretty much explains itself.

As always, drop me a line here or if you see me on the IRC and let me know why you chose what you did.

I hope my efforts at spicing Abyssals up will at least make folks a bit less eager to give the poor neglected deathknights their scorn or yawns.
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Re: What does it mean to be a death knight?

14 Jun 2012, 00:39

Abyssals are "Creatures of Death". They may not have technically died, since they have all the normal Exalt functions like breathing and IIRC you need to be kind of aliveish to Exalt, but metaphysically, they are considered part of the Underworld. The dichotomy between these things is part of why they're considered horrible tainted Things Wot Should Not Be.

Edit: I /like/ the Sin-Eaters comparison, though.
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Re: What does it mean to be a death knight?

17 Jun 2012, 00:21

I guess I personally lean towards "Were on the verge of death, but after making terrible agreement of the black exaltation, were spared; remain alive, but slowly becoming more like death". They're undeniably alive, though, so redemption into a Solar doesn't violate one of the two biggest damned rules of the setting; an Abyssal may seem to rot like a corpse, and subsist on essence alone without need for breath or food or water, but his body remains alive and intact despite these changes, and upon redemption, he becomes whole as solar essence purges necrotic essence and restores original functionality.
Failing that, "Kept on the cusp of death by necrotic essence, existing between life and death", but with the understanding that they're too far gone; redemption results in your shard leaving, becoming a Solar, and you dying. This also maintains one of the Big Two Rules of Exalted, "No Resurrection".
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Re: What does it mean to be a death knight?

21 Jun 2012, 13:51

Kogi pretty much covered what I'd say, so...yeah. Maybe some of the higher Ess perma-Resonance options could focus on that dichotomy between life and death?

(Also, I haven't got any sleep, so my mind is purple horsey happy. WHEE.)
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Re: What does it mean to be a death knight?

21 Jun 2012, 15:28

what Kitsuni said

Bodies that were on the verge of death - prevented by a deathly exaltation which may or may not subsequently turn them into effectively undead. compare high app to low app abyssals
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