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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

10 Jan 2010, 18:29

Yeah, if only there were a game out there for us.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

27 Jan 2010, 21:07

*wanders in, glances around awkwardly*
Um, hello everyone. I'm a total newbie, but I'm really excited at the chance to play my first Exalted game, so if you want a creative and dedicated player (not to toot my own horn) and don't mind taking the time to let me get used to things send me a PM or an email or smoke signals or whatever. :D
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

28 Jan 2010, 05:12

Now, you might be wondering.
Who the hell is this guy?

Well, I'm back.
I've spent a long time away, in various places. Last time I was here long enough to post, I got involved in a certain person's game and then later dropped, disappearing. Sorry bout that~

I'm back to lurk around once again. None of your posts are safe from my eyes.

P.S: Looking for 2e solar deliciousness.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

09 Feb 2010, 17:19

Hey hey, total newbie to Exalted, but I'd love to play Solar, Lunar, or Dragon-Blooded. I'd perfer not to play over PbP, though I will if you want. I'm almost always on later in the day; say, around 5:00 EST onwards? Just an estimate, though...
Please, drop me a line!
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

17 Feb 2010, 16:21

Name: Helix

Looking to get into an Exalted 2nd Ed game.  Been a while since I was involved with the system, recently came into most of the books, and I have a -lot- of lore to catch up on (Havn't done any heavy reading since 1st ed)

I've been involved in WW games for a long time now, but I've just now gotten an interest in Exalted.

I'm looking to get into a game.  I'm available any time/day as long as it's not the weekends, I learn systems quickly.  I'd prefer to do a solar game, since I'm just starting.  Heck, I'd be happy to even watch one at this point.  I can do anything from IRC to multiple gametable programs.

Aim: Dochelix
Gmail: @removed

hit me at either of those if you have a spot and the patience.  I'd work best with a GM who can help a player build a char before jumping in.

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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

17 Feb 2010, 19:14

I've been looking in vain for an Exalted game for some time, so I figured I would turn to this site. While I particularly like Lunars, just about any kind of Exalted game is fine by me, as long as it's run by chat; I find those much easier to handle than PbP games, even if my schedule isn't very consistent. The best time for me would be starting at 11:30 PM or so EST, as I'm used to staying up rather late, but if that isn't an option and you don't mind me being a little unreliable, I can work out another time.

The best way to contact me would be by MSN Messenger, my address being, or by e-mail at I don't check my e-mail as often as I should, so there may be a delay before you receive a response.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

01 Mar 2010, 18:35


Prefered Method: IRC/IM with maybe a wiki/email or whatever system to keep setting info and other such things in easy to find chunks.

Times: God only knows. Generally anytimes on monday/tuesdays and wednesdays are simple and easy. Thursdays can be doable. Fridays and Saturdays tend not to be and Sundays can be awkward.

I'd like to get myself into a 2ed game. I've found myself back in the rp mood a lot the last few months and as i really enjoyed/enjoy playing exalted i'd like to take part in one again. Favoured kind of Exalts tends to be Solars. Lunars can be fun too, others i simply don't find overly intresting for a number of reasons.

AIM: Blinktilthuh
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

01 Mar 2010, 19:34


I've been popping up around on the forums but remain somewhat new.

For example, I've never played in a game with anyone here. Nor have I ever played an IM or PbP game... ever.

So who wants to pop my cherry?! :awesome:


I'd be down for Lunar or Alchemical (JUST got the book, and liking it). Solars aren't really my thing. Sidereals make my head hurt.

That's all. PM me if you like me... ;~;
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

01 Mar 2010, 19:38

Check the PbP thread. :3

EDIT: Durr, self. Here, have a link.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

01 Mar 2010, 20:00

Kailan wrote:
Here, have a link.

Nurrrr, delicious link is delicious. :buddy:
entitas ipsa involvit aptitudinem ad extorquendum certum assensum
'reality involves a power to compel sure assent'

"Whenever the Bull of the North buys a fucking sandwich people start spewing vitriol about 'NOW MY CHARACTER CAN'T BUY THAT SANDWICH SIG CHARACTERS ARE STEALING ALL THE COOL CONCEPTS ARGH'" -Obsidian Overlord

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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

08 Mar 2010, 16:01

Like many of the other people here, I've never actually been in an exalted game for more than one or two sessions. My recurring problem is the fact that every game I've joined or thought about joining was full of elitists which would chew me out over minor mistakes.

It doesn't really matter what type of game I get in, as long as the atmosphere is at least cordial if not friendly.

I already know the rules of the game well enough to play by (though some of the finer details might still escape me.) I have free access to a computer during my working hours so I'll be able to check my posts regularly.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

14 Mar 2010, 20:50

<.< so...yeah. Iv played a a fair amount of exalted and even been in some games that have ran for I think a dozen sessions at most. I know the rules pretty well and I like role playing as much as roll playing, I think it takes a little of both to make a good game. Im a little wary of forum play. since the last couple times Iv tried it it hasn't ended well. But I like exalted enough to give it a shot again.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

21 Mar 2010, 05:19

Well, I'd like to join a pbp game, if possible. I have all the core 2e books except for alchemicals, and I'm down to play pretty much anything. That is, of course, with the exception of alchemicals, which I do not have or possess the money to buy D=. I'd also like to get to know people on TFS better. I've been a member of these forums for almost three years, but haven't done much outside of the art forum. I'd like to change that.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

21 Mar 2010, 17:12

I'm looking for a PbP game and am not in the least bit picky regarding what options I have for what kind of Exalted I'd be asked to play. Just as long as I don't have to play squishy mortals. That doesn't sound fun for a first time. (Oh yes, I'm an Exalted virgin.)

That said, expect me to play the nerdtacular castes. ( :twilight: :nomoon: :greensid: etc.)
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

31 Mar 2010, 15:32

Hi everyone! I’m DorkKnight23 (or DK,) I’m new to Exalted, but not to roleplaying and PbP games. I’ve gotten really interested in the setting and am looking to play in and/or run a game.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

03 Apr 2010, 06:54

Hello everybody! Long time reader first time posting. I'm a person with lot of free time and weary willing to play any game PbP and email but i can also try other Internet resources ( Irc, Skype etc.). I would prefer games in Exalted system eventually New World Of Darkness I don't have much experience but i can fill my lack dots in Lore quite fast. I interested in games with any Exalt ( or un-exalt ) character.

P.S. English is not my First language so if i about to write some mistakes in post or something i expect that ST would not trow me away because of that.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

18 Apr 2010, 18:57

Hello, newb in Exalted here.

I made the mistake of posting my first character to the Myth-Weaver boards, who, as it turns out, are better at it than me.

Oh well. I still have the character, so if anyone's fine with a stupid newbie, I'm available.

Here he is by the way.

Naviti Extran

Solar, Twilight Caste

Motivation: To end the slave trade in the West.


Strength 1
Dexterity 3
Stamina 3

Charisma 1
Manipulation 4
Appearance 3

Perception 3
Intelligence 5
Wits 3


[F]Archery: 2
Martial Arts
[F]War: 3

[F]Survival: 3

[C]Craft: Fire 2, Air 2, Water 1, Magitech 1
[C]Investigate: 2
[C]Lore: 3
[C]Occult: 3


Bureaucracy: 1
Linguistics: 3 (Native: Rivertongue: High Realm, Old Realm, Guild Cant)
[F]Sail: 3
[F]Socialize: 3


Backing (Guild): 2
Followers (Freed Slaves Turned Crew): 2
Resources: 3

Artifacts and Equipment

Artifact (Short Powerbow): 2
Artifact (Air Sloop): 3

[F] Essence Triumphant (Occult)
[F]Essence Resurgent (Sail)
[F]Essence Overwhelming (Lore)
[F]Essence Triumphant (Lore)
[F] Essence Triumphant (Archery)

Archery: There Is No Wind

Socialize: Wise-Eyed Courtier Method

Sail: Sea Ambush Technique

Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

Join Combat: 3

Dodge 3
Parry 3

Soak: 3B/2L

Hardness: 0B/0L

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
X [ ]

Mental Defenses
Dodge 5
Parry 2

Compassion 4
Conviction 2
Temperance 3
Valor 1

Virtue Flaw: Penitent Heart. Navati's subconscious need to make up for his general callousness and dickish attitude before the Second Breath has caused the Great Curse to manifest as a psychological compulsion to redress the injustices he has visited upon the innocent and the unintended targets. When he Limit Breaks, he experiences a dark revelation about a specific "victim" of his and how much he thinks he hurt them. For the duration, he hangs up his Motivation and the "greater good" in favor of helping said victim out of whatever rut Naviti put them in. If the victim is dead or is otherwise unable to be helped, he will spend a day in painful self-abnegation. Partial Control causes much the same thing, with the exception being that his priorities are still mostly in order-if the greater good is a pressing need, he can postpone his help until later.


Willpower: 7

Permanent: 3
Personal: 16/16 (0 Committed)
Peripheral: 38/30 (8 Committed)

Bonus Points
6: Essence Upgrade
6: Artifact
3: Conviction
1: Craft: Water


Backstory, In Character

The Haven of Trade-a posh, if somewhat out of the way tavern and inn in Nexus. An unofficial stop on the way for outbound navy men with shady deals, given that it manages this while still being next to a rather large port. Presently, the crew of the Guild airship Huraka's Justice were enjoying the finest (*snerk*) Nexus ale in preparation for the journey to the island of Deshan, sent to make sure that no pirate scum clogs the trade pipeline. While most of the crew sat at a communal table, singing various drinking songs, their captain, a handsome Eastern man with intense, intelligent eyes of charcol grey staring out from gilded spectacles and black hair with streaks of white sat quietly at his table, sipping at his tea quietly. More than once had Nexus' ladies of the night (and one bisexual man) has approached him and tried to buy him a drink, only to be rebuffed (in the case of one particularly high-class looking one, he openly wondered if the neomah wasn't doing enough, earning him a nice slap and ten minutes of blessed privacy).

"Your dessert, sir?"

Almost surprised, Naviti Extran looked up to see the now quite bedraggled-looking waitress, menu in hand.

"Pardon me, but I forget what slump the chef this fine evening has managed to wrangle from the Yozi. Could I see the menu again?"

The serving girl, her opinion of the ill-tempered and arcid mercenary and his over-active crew no improved, handed the paper slip to the Sky-Captain, not even blinking when the edge of it caught on her shirt and pulled it down-who knows, a little eye candy might improve his disposition.

"Right then, I shall take the dessert rice, without orange slices, with a side" Naviti trailed off, staring at the uncovered part of the waitress' bust. Being a pretty girl, she merely was annoyed that he wasn't finishing the order quicker. Then, an expression of horror came over his face, and, terrified there was a bug on her, she looked down...

And saw the brand the magistrate had put on her all those years ago, in retribution for her village having once unknowingly held an anti-House Menemon dissident. With a grim realization that she would soon be back in the Realm and her sentence even worse, she resignedly looked up at the captain...and was knocked completely off guard when instead of anger of greed, she saw pity etched into the sailor's face. Without so much as a word, he pressed an obol into her hand, and when she tried to give it back in disbelief, he held up a hand to tell her that, yes, the jade was hers. Then, in a much kinder tone then he had used all evening, he said "If you need more, meet me out front." Giddy with joy over her ended exile, she wobbled back to the kitchen...which made her shriek when she realized she had forgotten his order all the more humorous.

Later that night, Naviti, unable to sleep in the bed provided by the Haven, walked back outside to get his hammock, and was startled to find one of ship guards, a recent hire by the name of Jenkins, walking the same way-almost as much as Jenkins was. "C-Captain! H-how n-nice to see you out of a jo-out on the town."

"At ease, shipman. I'm not in a mood to fire people just because they want their shore leave...if you walk to the Justice with me. Less chance of pickpockets, you know?"

Together, the two made their way to the drydock, the inactive airship resting on the ground peacefully and undisturbed. Naviti turned to his quarters to fetch his cot, but was stopped by Jenkins. "Captain...I've been meaning to ask you...about that wench."

"Go ahead."

"Well, sir, you're not usually the type to donate to the downtrodden...and we're Guild. Not exactly the most generous organization."

"Am I Jenkins? Am I...? Heh. I guess you could say I am one of the more aggressive people in the world. But, sit down. I'm going to tell you my story..."

"I was born in Lookshy, 21 years ago, just on the tail end of Calibration-Ascending Air the First. I never knew my parents-when I was younger I imagined them to be great soldiers who died in a valiant battle, but now I know they were probably just average helots who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not like my father was a Deathlord who was spontaneously conceived and my mother a Dragon-Blooded princess. As if the Scarlet Empress would have allowed her daughter to marry anything other than a man she spent ten years spying on. Although, I did possess a whole playing card which I was told I was holding when I was found-apparently orphan-speak for 'I can't come back for this child'. That meant something to my little Lookshy mind.

Anyway, Lookshy at that time was experimenting with a new piece of Anathema-era technology that could permanently awaken the Essence of an individual, and wanting to actually design some magitech of their own, began picking some of us more promising orphans to test it on. I was one of them. Naturally, it worked, and I got promoted to soldier.

Here's a little tip for you-kids are not supposed to be in the military. Oh sure, I thought it was great at first-Lookshy warrior culture and all. Then they sent us orphans to the academy, where I was finely educated in the wonders of pacifism by counter-example. By the time I finally got out, I was literate, a prodigal magi-engineer, and hoped with all my heart that everyone around me would get the Great Contagion and die.

For the next, oh, five years I lived on the streets of Nexus, selling my services as an engineer-for-hire. Eventually I attracted the Guild, and I was enrolled in the naval academy, where I learned the fine art of professional air piracy. I became an officer in the Haslanti Guild Fleet. Pretty soon, I got a small ship of my own, upgraded it with an engine-no small task, I can tell you-and started my career as an air privateer.

Secretly, I began to develop a conscience as time went on, and I became more and more disturbed by my bosses' trade in slaves. To use living beings as little more than yeddim...well, let's just say it upsets me and leave it at that. Sure, I ignored my higher soul for a while, but eventually, the guilt got to me.

It began small at first. A slave "mysteriously vanishing" there, a Fair Folk delayed to the point where he left in annoyance there. Then it escalated-an entire ship filled with human cargo disappearing here, the location of one of our Raksha buyers being mailed to those weird shapeshifters there. True, my bosses were suspicious, but nothing a little upturn in profits thanks to my help couldn't alleviate. Fair Folk...not so much. Eventually I ended up fighting for my life and the lives of the Huraka's Justice crewmen against a giant Wyld beast.

I have to tell you, it looked pretty bad for a while there. To be frank, it was downright grim for a minute. I didn't give up though. To make sure we would be able to escape alive, I fought down my panic long enough to make a few crucial adjustments to the Essence cannons for maximum a room that was on fire...with a giant eye looking at me...and with a glass splinter.

To this day, I am not sure if what I saw was a hallucination due to panic or what, but for a moment, I could see a giant, four-armed man smile at me. He said, and I quote, "Despite you innate fear and un-Valorous soul, you have risked your life for the good of others and rejected the darkness of greed for the light of Compassion. I, the Unconquered Sun, anoint you one of the Twlight Solars, and gift you with a weapon to strike fear into the hearts of the hateful". Then my bow-thats the Hope's Zephyr, in case you were wondering-materialized in my hand (I believe that's a mark against 'hallucination', but it was the Wyld) and I suddenly saw the entirety of creation itself, expressed as a vast magitech equation. Things are a bit fuzzy, but apparently, I summoned a real huraka, who confused the horror long enough for me to sent an iron arrow straight into the heart of it's master. I do know that I gave up that playing card to said elemental in order to actually learn how to summon him. Wyld, I guess. I am. I don't accept Guild contracts requiring me to ferry slave ships anymore-I'm important and valuable enough now that they don't mind-and I'm a rich man. But that doesn't matter to the knowledge I gained-that I can change the world if I try hard and smart enough.

And hey-saving the world's a pretty well-paying job."

Naviti snapped out of his nostalgic reverie to find an awed Jenkins. "Well shipman?", he asked. "How did you like the story of my Exaltation?"

"Gods...So you saw an Elemental Dragon on the day you became a Dragon-Blooded?"

"Yes, I-what?"

"I mean, I always thought they could take human form..."

"Um, Jenkins..."

"But to meet a real life person who saw it...Wow!"

"Do you even know what an Anathema is?"

"Wait till' Sis hears this!"

"Sigh...Realm commoners..."

And just so you know: I think it was the shard speaking, not the UCS himself.

And on another note, sorry for the size-don't know how you compress text into links yet.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

19 Apr 2010, 13:46

This "Exalted" business looks completely baffling! I would like to join a game. Have never played Exalted before, have played other White Wolf games a couple of times. Best way to get a hold of me is in IRC where my handle is usually medibot. Would prefer play-by-chat.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

15 May 2010, 16:19

So, um, hi. I'm fairly new to Exalted, and I'd like a game. Any online medium is fine for me (in person would be , though I might need to download and learn some software for some, and I find Play-by-post to be vexingly slow. I'm up for pretty much any kind of Exalted game except mortals, but I've got an urge to play a Twilight Caste some time. And, lets face it, most of us came here at least partly for the porn, so I don't see any reason not to admit that I'd enjoy an adult game. :^_^;: I can be contacted by private message. Good gaming to us all!
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

05 Aug 2010, 19:57

I'm not new to Exalted, although my play time has been relatively limited, I enjoy crazy stunts, and I'm happy to run (and play) any type of game aside from really squick-inducing Infernals. I can be contacted via PM or over IMs, and can play in most styles. My schedule is about to get more constrained, however, and I'm not generally available on Saturdays.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

05 Aug 2010, 22:49

I've seen on this thread that there are quite a lot of people currently looking for games.

While I am new to this board also, I'm not new to Exalted. I have run games before and while I would prefer to play in a game if there is one going on - I'm willing to volunteer myself as a Storyteller.

I would be running a mixed-type Exalts game (Solar, Lunar, Dragonblood, Sidereal, Abyssal) starting in Nexus and traveling elsewhere in the Scavenger Lands. The game would need to start after 7:00 pm Mountain Time on a weekday, or be PbP. I'm open to different play options, but I often run my PbP games just using Google docs. I like things to be fun and crazy, so expect a game that plays a little bit like an episode of the anime "Slayers". Among other things, I am notorious for awarding XP for witty one-liners.

My only stipulations are - no Infernals, Alchemicals or Fair Folk. I don't own those books and it's too much of a pain for me to have to verify information. Most of my games are rated "PG 13" for drug use, profanity, smashing things with hammers and highly "suggestive" situations. I don't tolerate extreme violence (unless it's Monty Python style hysterical) and would prefer that players keep their graphic sex scenes on the NSFW boards.

I have only posted a few times on this forum so far, but I have a bit of a story and several of my sketches posted. These will probably give you a better idea of the sort of game I'd be running.

If you're interested, send me a message.

Likewise, if anyone is running a game like that and would like a crazy Lunar archaeologist to pop in...

You get the idea.


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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

19 Aug 2010, 22:34

I hope this is the same forum as when I was here last....though there was a webcomic attached to the main page ^^;

Hi everyone. I've been digging through my collection of 2nd Ed. books in the hopes of running for some friends, and realized it's been just as long since I got to be a player, too =) I'd love to join a game if there are any out there still to be joined. I have some experience playing all Exalts save for Sidereals and Alchemicals, but I principally love Solars or Terrestrials the most.

I've played online in IRC before, and do it still ^^;
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

12 Nov 2010, 20:13

My, MY. What a place... :buddy:

Howdy, everyone...I'm a college kid DESPERATE for any 2nd Ed. Exalted games (or even 1st ed, but have NO experience with it). ANY. AT ALL. Well...Terrestrials, Solars, Sidereals, are preferred, and I don't really wanna do Abyssals, but I'm in NO state to question or complain. Be aware, I have lost ALL of my books for exalted due to a recent virus attack (I'm clean now, sadly due to a harddrive reformat) and have nothing to my name there...but since I have a steady job and no real bills, buying any needed books is actually something of the LEAST of my problems.

I'm hoping for a play by post, forum posting, email games, but am DELIGHTED to do Skype, chats of many forms, and even IRC. Note that I WILL have to be taught how to use any chats, Skype, or IRC, but am a fast learner. Just tell me what to install and setup, and I'm good to go.

I work at a dog kennel, as a dog and cat bather, and as such, my hours are dependent on how long my list is for the day.

I am US Eastern Time, specifically Virginia Beach, Virginia. GENERALLY, My hours on the safe side are from 5:30 to 9pm, and then 9:30pm to 12am SHARP on Mondays through Fridays. (I may be on later, but ONLY for random days, and always likely to pop right off at the first sign of internet shutdown). On Weekends, I could be on anywhere from Noon to 5:30 pm, to Midnight SHARP. I generally have days off on Wednesdays/Thursdays and one other day, but not certain on that, meaning I'll be on from around Noon to 9:00 Pm and then 9:30ish to Midnight SHARP.

I have a girlfriend, so some nights I won't be on Period. Simple as that. She lives in Texas, so there you go. I'll usually have forewarning for this occurance. Thanks for you interest!
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

22 Apr 2011, 23:07

Hey everyone, I've been playing and running pen & paper RPGs of various kinds for a few years, but I've never gotten to play Exalted. I've wanted to for a while, because I can tell that while the system is complicated, it has massive potential for all sorts of role playing. I'm absolutely fascinated by solars, abyssals, and green sun princes, and would prefer to play one of those, but I'm up for playing any type of exalt in any party composition. I like the Scavenger Lands part of the setting the most, and I know the most about it, but I'm likewise up for playing in any part of Creation or Autochthonia. I am hoping to find a game that's somewhat serious in tone, and which pays attention to the wider impact of the exalteds' actions. I'm new to online gaming, but I'll learn damn fast. Hit me up if you like the cut of my gibberish.
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Re: Are you looking for players? (Player post thread)

24 May 2011, 21:11

Hey all! Wouldn't mind a game, so I'll just leave this here :)

My current to favorite characters are V'neef Elera, a disgruntled Chosen of Journeys, and Fluttering Crane, an idealistic socially oriented Eclipse caste Solar. (They happen to be the protagonists of the a story here) I'd love a chance to get them some play! So poke me.

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