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Important question regarding ghosts and sanctums.

16 May 2017, 17:07

Ghosts and mortals pray. Or at least they can. 
I'm fairly sure we're all aware of what a setting-shaper worship is in Creation, and we know that the calendar of Setesh is spun by ghostly prayer.
So here's the question.
Literally every deity in Creation can shape a sanctum. A single deity working for hundreds of years can make one the size of a town, complete with a surrounding environment. So why oh why haven't any pantheons woven afterlives and stuffed them full of ghosts they deem worthy, thus creating an endless revenue stream of prayer?
A five dot sanctum has room for dozens of villas and houses, and at LEAST four buildings of four dot sanctum size [a hundred rooms with surrounding area]. Gods can stitch sanctums together [albeit over a very long time] so I fail to see why the infinitely compassionate Unconquered sun hasn't had afterlife sanctums made up of at least a half dozen fused five dot sanctums set up to keep all those darn ghosts somewhere that fate can keep track of them and, again, they provide a potential eternity of worship on each of the poles.
There is nothing worse than five four dot sanctums that just refuse to click together.

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