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Mind Flayers - Children of the Chaos

19 Jul 2008, 12:53

Mind Flayers
Humanoid, hairless beings with dusky purple rubber-like skin, slightly enlarged heads and four tentacles arranged around a lamprey-like mouth. Their fingers end with claw-like points tinged deep red. Their eyes are colorless white spheres that nonetheless dart and shift as they look around. The very air around them seems to hum and writhe unsettlingly. The creature wears dark leather clothing, not necessarily made from animals.

The Illithids, or Mind Flayers as other races call them, are something of an enigma. Many believe them to be a creation of the primordials, banished below the earth like many failed experiments. However, the great savants of the old realm conjectured that this was not the case and that some of the dark-brood were instead based on the Illithids. Their research lead them to believe that in fact all Mind Flayers sprang originally from one source: an unshaped that was trapped near the very edge of creation when it was formed.
Half-shaped, the fey-creature existed as pure thought for a time before shaping itself a body. It took the form of a ropey mass of tendrils and coils pulled tightly together in a pool of thick brine. From its form it produced offspring, tentacle-bearing-tadpoles that swam through its brine and kept it company while it also fed randomly from its own progeny. Together, the endless cycle of consumption and conjecture continued unabated for an age as the elder being spoke to its children before eating them.
Everything changed when a band of mortals fled the violence of the war against the primordials. Dozens of people moved down into tunnel that had never seen light or human touch before. The half-shaped mind sensed their approach and when the refugees arrived in its cavern it lashed out with its tendrils in curiosity. Some of the mortals drown gasping in the thick brine as the being plumbed their minds for knowledge. Others tried to fight free but could not escape its coils.
Curious of this new activity, the tadpoles in the pool swam over and observed the mortals. Deep within these humans they sensed a level of thought they could consume, instead of being consumed. Furiously, several of the tadpoles burrowed into the ears or even through the skulls of some of the mortals. There, they fed upon the minds within and absorbed more power than they had ever known. Quickly the tadpoles grew, until the skull could no longer fully contain them. Their tendrils squirmed through the still-living flesh of the mortal bodies and fused with the flesh. The mortals changed quickly, becoming the first Illithids.
Since then, the race has enslaved countless mortals for food or to transform through tadpole implantation. The Illithids live on a slow diet of mortal brains, the thoughts and essence inside sustaining them without need for physical sustenance.

Illithids generally have 5 or more slaves/thralls with them at any time.

Str 2; Dex 3; Sta 4
Cha 6; Man 7; App 5
Per 5; Int 5; Wit 5

Compassion 2, Conviction 5, Temperance 4, Valor 2

Abilities: Martial Arts 3, Melee 2, War 3, Integrity 4, Presence 4 (intimidation +2), Performance 3, Resistance 2, Survival 1, Craft (earth) 2, Investigation 3, Lore 5, Medicine 2, Occult 4, Athletics 1, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Stealth 3, Linguistics (old realm) 0, Socialize 2 (concealing motive +2)

Special Abilities:
Darksight - Illithid suffer no visual penalties from darkness, even total darkness.
Telepathic - An Illithid may communicate with any sentient being it can see, bypassing all language barriers.
Psychic Static - Non-Illithids and Non-Thralls within 16 yards of an Illithid suffer a -2 penalty to their Dodge MDV. Reduce this penalty by the Illithid’s wound penalty (to -1, then -0 but no lower). Multiple effects do not stack, only the highest applies.
Interpose Thrall - For 3m reflexively, an Illithid can cause a Thrall within 3 yards of it to dive in the way and take an attack aimed at the Illithid. Treat the attack as if it had been aimed at the Thrall the whole time.
Bore into Brain - If the Illithid has 1 minute available they may bore their tentacles into the brain of an unconscious, incapacitated or dying character and eat it. This effect kills the target instantly and restores 1 level of bashing the Illithid has suffered (if any). An Illithid may instead spend 10m to stabilize and awaken the target, but the target is now a Thrall (treat as a servitude effect forcing the subject to submit to and obey the Illithid, cannot be broken or resisted while the Illithid is alive, breaks immediately if the Illithid is slain; thralls are immune to mind blast and psychic static).
Cradle of the Elder Brain - An Illithid may expend its entire remaining mote pool as a miscellaneous action to teleport back to the Elder being that spawned the entire race.
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - Some Illithids master the first circle of sorcery. Sorcerers generally have between 1-3 spells known, some know more.

Tentacle Lash - Speed 5, Accuracy 8, 7L, Rate 4; No multiple action penalties for a flurry that contains only tentacle attacks.
Mind Blast - Speed 6, Accuracy 12 (targets Dodge MD), Rate 1, Range 8 (max range, strikes all non-illithids and non-thralls in the line of effect out to this range); For each success that exceeds the target’s dodge MDV, the target spends 1 action inactive (this may be resisted for 1wp). If extra successes exceed the target’s permanent willpower, the target is knocked unconscious. Costs 5m per use.
Enslave - Speed 6, Accuracy 12 (targets Dodge MD), Rate 1, Range 8 (max range); Success imposes an unnatural influence (servitude effect) to obey and protect the Illithid. Costs [1/2 extra successes, round up] willpower to negate, or 1wp per action to resist. Costs 6m per use.

Join Battle: 7
Soak: 9B/6L/4A (perfect buff jacket, 5B/4L, no mobility or fatigue penalty)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-4/-inc
Dodge DV: 4
Willpower: 9
Essence: 3
Mote Pool: 75
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