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War Manse: Mjöllnir

16 Nov 2008, 20:41

War Manse: Mjöllnir (Level 5, Air Manse)

One of the Blessed Isle's foremost War Manses is rather unprepossessing to look at, appearing as it does as a small domed hill that is encircled by Jade-reinforced copper spikes and topped with an Orichalcum and Jade Obelisk. There is a hidden door in the hill which leads to a small network of maintenance tunnels and to the Hearthstone Chamber which contains an auxiliary control system for this manse.

Mjollnir was built around an upgraded version of the Storm Hammer Siege Weapon (see stats below). The Pasiap's Buried Whiskers feature enhances the targeting features of the controls, immensely improving accuracy over the 2500 yard range.

The Hearthroom generates a level 4 Lightning Rod Gemstone. As a security precaution the hearthstone must be set into the control panel whenever Mjollnir is used from this location.

The Imperial Manse can, upon command, take complete control of this Manse, either using it as is to deal with local skirmishes, or enabling it's second configuration which is better suited for defending Creation. When commanded, the hearthstone goes dead and the hill raises up and unfolds into a machine that resembles a magitech crossbreed between a flower and a lightning ballista.

In this mode, the Imperial Manse can command it to fire a lightning bolt into the sky anywhere within 50 miles of the Blessed Isle. The Thunderstorm generated at that location is so powerful that it instantly produces Five Storm Serpents under the Imperial Manse's command.

While the Manse and it's underlying Demesne are fairly stable, as excess power can be diverted to other manses in the network, it does require a monthly tune up to ensure that all of the essence lenses, lightning accumulators, occult circuitry, and other such are in working order. If the manse goes without maintenance for more than a season, it will require repairs as a Repair 5 Magitech item (extended roll).

Heaven Help anyone who tries to fire it or change it's form without fixing it first, as that will trigger essence buildup inside Mjollnir (which, due to all of the lightning essence it contains, acts as a level N/A Manse for the purposes of Essence Buildup).

Mjollnir's Stats:
Speed: 6, Accuracy: 0(+2)* , Damage: 25L (piercing) **, Rate: 2, Range: Two Miles, Minimums: Lore 6, Occult 5

Manse Powers:
Geomantic Relay (1)
Network Node (1)
Password Activation (1)
Central Control (2)
Pasiap's Buried Whiskers (2)
Dynamic Architecture (3) ***
Integrated Essence Artillery (4)

Habitability (1)
Maintenance (2)
Reduced Hearthstone Rating (1)

*Mjollnir gets +2 accuracy only at enemies within 2500 yards of the manse. Other enemies within the 2 mile range must be attacked with the controller's unmodified Wits+Lore. Excellencies can apply to this roll, but no other charms.

**The attack hits everyone within a five-yard radius.

***When the Dynamic Architecture is invoked, the Manse comes under the complete control of the Imperial Manse and loses it's password activation, central control, pasiap's buried whiskers, and it disables it's hearthstone completely, in exchange for gaining geomantic relay * 9. It's integrated essence artillery also switches to it's other configuration.
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Re: War Manse: Mjöllnir

17 Nov 2008, 08:18

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Re: War Manse: Mjöllnir

17 Nov 2008, 15:43

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Re: War Manse: Mjöllnir

18 Nov 2014, 10:14

Quick, someone stat up an Air Aspect named Thor. :awesome:

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