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Graz'zt, Seductive Demon Prince

Posted: 08 Jan 2009, 13:40
by Nizkateth
*kicks through another portal* "Here, you deal with him..."

* * *

Graz’zt, The Dark Prince, Demon Lord of Manipulation
Hazard Level 4
Graz’zt appears and acts more human than other demon princes. However, he is capable of atrocities to rival even the most sadistic demons. Graz’zt has black skin, six small horns atop his head, and six digits on each hand and foot.
Graz’zt carries a massive, serrated greatsword called Wave of Sorrow. He wields the sword in one hand, and the blade moves like a wave when he brandishes it. In addition to fighting with the sword, Graz’zt is a master of dominating his enemies, whom he directs to fight on his behalf.
In addition to any dominated enemies, Graz’zt also maintains a large cult of fanatical worshippers and murderers who are almost exclusively female. The Cult of Graz’zt practices its rites in dark places, often underground, which usually involve blood sacrifice of sentient beings as well as sadistic orgies.

Str 9; Dex 11; Sta 6
Cha 11; Man 12; App 10
Per 8; Int 6; Wit 8

Compassion 2, Conviction 5, Temperance 3, Valor 4

Abilities: Martial Arts 5, Melee 6 (swords +3), Thrown 4, War 5, Integrity 6, Performance 7, Presence 7, Resistance 6, Investigation 6, Lore 5, Medicine 5, Occult 6, Athletics 4, Awareness 7, Dodge 6, Larceny 5, Stealth 8, Bureaucracy 5, Linguistics * (Graz’zt can speak any language), Socialize 8

Special Abilities:
Demon Prince’s Immunity - Graz’zt cannot be affected by unnatural mental influence.
Darkvision - Graz’zt can see perfectly in any level of darkness, including pitch black.
Shadow-walk - Graz’zt can teleport up to 10 yards as a Miscellaneous action.
Shapeshift - (reflexive; indefinite duration; 1m) Graz’zt can change his appearance to be any attractive humanoid. His stats are unaffected by the change.
Press the Advantage - Graz’zt doubles the levels of damage applied at step 10 if his attack has the benefit of surprise.
Overwhelming Domination - (Speed 5, DV -1; lasts one scene; servitude; 15m) Graz’zt can focus his will upon up to two targets he can see. He then rolls (Manipulation + Presence) and compares the successes to the Dodge MDV of all targets. If successes exceed the MDV, the subject is subject to an unnatural servitude effect that requires they not attack Graz’zt and obey any commands he gives them. This may be negated by spending 2 willpower and suffering a -1 penalty to Dodge MDV for the remained of the scene.
Unholy Blight - All enemies that start their action within 7 yards of Graz’zt reduce any damage they inflict with attacks by half at step 10, round down, until their DV refreshes again.

Wave of Sorrow - Speed 4, Accuracy 22, 22L*, Parry DV10, Rate 2; O, P, R
Sorrow Cyclone (requires Wave of Sorrow, make a single attack roll and apply the result to each enemy within reach; 5m) - Speed 6, Accuracy 22, 22L*, Rate 1; O, P, R
*Wave of Sorrow is Acidic, see below.

Join Battle: 15
Soak: 21B/18L/15A (15B/15L infernal hide; hardness 10)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/inc
Dodge DV: 12
Willpower: 9 (up to 16 temporary willpower)
Essence: 7
Mote Pool: 185

Equipment: Wave of Sorrow (treat as a black jade grand daiklave - Speed 4, Accuracy +2, +13L, Defense +0, Rate 2; treat any target struck as being in an acid bath (exalted: page 131) until their DV refreshes twice)

Re: Graz'zt, Seductive Demon Prince

Posted: 08 Jan 2009, 13:59
by BrilliantRain
........Yeah, looks about right. Ouch.