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(Red Sky At Night) Character Sheets

24 Nov 2006, 23:15

Ehn, I was bored at work today, as shown by my sudden flurry of activity (flurry, in this case, being defined as "two posts".)

Regardless, I've put together the character sheets for Alina and Lodaris, which hopefully will amuse some people.


ALINA, ex-slave

Motivation: None (Alina is currently searching for a Motivation)
Intimacies: Citrios, Hope, Trust
Caste: Night

Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2, Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Archery, *Martial Arts 4, Melee, *Thrown 3, War
Integrity 1, *Performance 4, Presence 1, Resistance, Survival
Crafts, Investigation, *Lore 3, Medicine, Occult
*Athletics 3, *Awareness 2, *Dodge 3, *Larceny, *Stealth 4
Bureacracy, Linguistics (High Realm), Ride, Sail, *Socialize 2

Backgrounds: Artifact 3 (All-and-none Chakram), Resources 1

Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2

Willpower 6, Essence 3, Personal 15 motes, Peripheral 32 motes (+5 committed)

First Excellencies: Awareness, Martial Arts, Stealth, Athletics, Performance

Martial Arts: Air Dragon's Sight, Wind Dragon Speed, Breath-Seizing Technique, Shrouding The Body And Mind, Air Dragon Form
Performance: Heart-Compelling Method
Athletics: Graceful Crane Stance, Lightning Speed
Dodge: Shadow Over Water
Stealth: Easily Overlooked Presence, Shadow Cloak*

Expanded Information:

All-And-None Chakram (Artifact 3, Commit 5): This infinite jade chakram has extra magics laid into it. In addition to the base powers of an infinite jade chakram, its user may reflexively banish it to Elsewhere or summon it back for 1 mote.

Shadow Cloak (Stealth 4, Essence 3, Cost: 6 motes, Prerequisite: Easily Overlooked Presence, Duration: One Scene, Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious): This Charm cloaks the character in darkness, making them more difficult to locate. Characters take an external penalty equal to the user's Essence on all Awareness rolls to notice the character. If they are aware of the character's presence, but not her exact location, this Charm has no effect.


CATHAK LODARIS, Rogue Immaculate Monk

Motivation: Atone for my sins
Intimacies: The Innocent, Truth
Anima: Fire

Strength 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4, Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Linguistics 3 (HR, OR, Snow, Sea), Lore 3, Occult 2, Thrown, Stealth 3
Awareness 3, Crafts, *Integrity 5, Resistance 3, War 3
*Athletics 3, *Dodge 5, *Melee 4, *Presence 4 (Intimidation +1), *Socialize 1
Bureaucracy 1, *Investigation 4 (Truth-telling +1), Larceny, *Martial Arts 5 (Short Swords +2), Sail
Archery, Medicine, Performance 2, Ride 1, Survival 2

Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 5
Great Curse: Conviction

Willpower 8, Essence 5, Personal 16 motes, Peripheral 32 motes (10 committed)

Backgrounds: Artifact 3 (Reinforced Breastplate), Artifact 2 (Paired short daiklaves), Breeding 3, Resources 1

First Excellencies: Melee, Presence, War, Martial Arts, Integrity, Investigation, Resistance, Awareness, Dodge, Survival

MARTIAL ARTS: Pasiap's Humility, Moment of Danaa'd
(Five Dragon Style) Five-Dragon Fortitude, Five-Dragon Block, Five-Dragon Claw, Five-Dragon Force Blow, Five-Dragon Form
(Fire Dragon Style) Flash-Fire Technique, Flame-Flicker Stance, Searing Fist Attack, Perfect Blazing Blow, Fire Dragon Form, Firey Hand Attack, Breath of the Fire Dragon, Overwhelming Fire Majesty Stance, Smoldering Wound Attack, Essence-Igniting Nerve Strike, Consuming Might of the Fire Dragon
(Water Dragon Style) Flowing Water Defense, Rippling Water Strike, Drowning In Blood Technique, Shrugging Water Dragon Escape, Water Dragon Form, Theft-of-Essence Method, Flow Reversal Strike
LINGUISTICS: Wind-Carried Words
LORE: Elemental Bolt Attack, Elemental Concentration Trance
INTEGRITY: Unsleeping Earth Meditation, Untiring Earth Meditation, Oath of the Ten Thousand Dragons (House Cathak), Ten Thousand Dragons Fight As One, Inviolate Dragon Spirit, Chaos-Warding Prana, Defense-Against-Anathema Method
RESISTANCE: Ox-Body Technique x1, Uneating Earth Meditation
WAR: Terrestrial War Reinforcement, Enfolded in the Dragon’s Wings
DODGE: Safety Among Enemies, Fire Defense Technique
MELEE: Dragon-Graced Weapon, Blinding Spark Distraction, Ghost-Fire Blade
PRESENCE: Glowing Coal Radiance, Aura of Invunerability, Passion-Transmuting Nuance
INVESTIGATION: Scent of Crime Method, Revelation of Associates Hunch

Combo: Heshiesh’s Kiss ( Searing Fist + Drowning-In-Blood ) 7m, 1w: Lodaris unleashes a single blow designed to weaken, rather than to destroy – his fist is wrapping in fire, flowing in waves like water, that spreads through his target upon impact. Instead of dealing damage, he rolls 10 dice against the target’s Stamina + Resistance, and reduces his target’s Stamina by 1 for a number of actions equal to his successes. In addition, his target is at a -1 die penalty to all actions for the scene, weakening them against future attacks. Both effects stack.

Combo: Conflagration-Igniting Sword (Dragon-Graced Sword + Five Dragon Force Blow + Firey Hand Attack + Smoldering Wound Attack) 11m, 1w: This devastating attack Lodaris saves for moments when his opponents are out of defenses. Spinning his sword above him, wreathed in flame, he lets out a ferocious yell and drives it downwards. The attack, if it hits, first doubles its base damage (usually 9L for Lodaris), then adds a further 9 dice of damage. In addition, the target must roll Stamina + Resistance at difficult 5 or burst into flame as though standing in a bonfire for 5 actions, taking 4L that ignores armor (Sta + Res, diff 3, to make damage bashing). Finally, the attack deals its post-soak damage again on Lodaris’s next action.
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