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Twilight of the Second Age, Ch4, Sc1 - Discussion

27 Jun 2006, 10:08

Table of Contents

Thus begins Chapter Four: Transitions


“So, let me get this straight. Nia – our frightened little doe – is actually a fragment of an awe-inspiringly powerful Primordial creature.” Khory collapsed backwards, lying on a reed mat. “I’m out. One too many surprises for today.”

Sirrim nodded slowly, still looking off into the underbrush where Nia, and then moments later Kieran, had run. “It has certainly been an exciting time. What were the chances, I wonder…”

“Should we go after them?” From where he was lying, Khory looked up, and then glanced over to the village. The huraka had sped off, promising to return within the hour, giving the group time to sort out their ‘internal problems’, and leaving Khory, Elena, and Sirrim alone on the beach.

“No.” Elena shook her head. She was also lying down, although she was doing so roughly two feet in the air, and she looked glum. “This is something that Kieran has to sort out with Nia, I think. She’s not dangerous, is she?” The last question was directed at Sirrim, who shrugged.

“Hell if I know.” He frowned thoughtfully. “I haven’t seen Nia in over thirty years, and she’s nothing like she was then. Time has changed her, I think, and for the better. Once, she would never have cared what he thought of her.”

There was a pause, as Khory and Elena glanced at each other. Finally, Khory was the one who broke it. “Thirty… years? She doesn’t look that old.”

“The Splinters of Mokrelus do not age.” Sirrim shrugged again, smiling at the mortals’ confusion. “She is whatever age he wanted her to be when he sent her about her task.”

“And what task was that?” Elena considered Sirrim’s words, her face unreadable.

“For that… you would have to ask her.”


Nia sat on the banks of the river, one hand running in its water. She stared into her reflection as though willing it to life, and when she heard the twig snapping behind her, she nearly leapt out of her skin.

Kieran was standing there, his hands up reassuringly. “Easy. Just me. I want to talk.”

“Right.” Nia sat back down, looking away from him. “Talk. So… now you know.”


“You won’t see me again, don’t worry.” Nia’s voice choked on the last word, but she pressed on. “I just… I didn’t mean to…”
“Hey.” Kieran sat down next to her, looking over at her. She refused to meet his eyes, instead staring at the river. “Back on Gemmel’s Reach, the other Dynasts mentioned a third member who they thought I killed – but I didn’t. And they mentioned the river. That was you, wasn’t it?” Nia nodded slowly, and Kieran smiled. “Well, then. I owe you my life. Thank you.”

There was a thunderstruck pause before Nia lifted her head to stare at him. “Thank you? After I… after you learn… what?”

“Well, I would have died if those Dynasts had attacked me together. You put yourself in danger for me.” Kieran patted Nia on the shoulder as she stared at him in shock. “And I didn’t thank you at the time. Sorry.”

“I’ve put you in terrible danger!” Nia burst into tears, turning away again. “Why are you being so… nice??”

“Oh, come on. Let me be the judge of how much danger I’m in. You think Mokrelus still has it in for me?”

“The Lover Clad In The Raiment of Tears and all of her servants are searching for me. If they find you with me, they’ll probably destroy you.”

Kieran’s smile dropped away, and he considered that statement. “Okay, yeah, maybe that qualifies. Still. What kind of a friend walks off when he’s needed most, huh?”

Nia gaped again, and finally found her voice, disbelief tinting it with shades of hope and fear. “Friends. Kieran, I’ve lied to you. I killed you.”

“Mokrelus killed me. Actually, technically, he killed someone else who happened to have my Essence. Anyway, it wasn’t you.” Kieran paused, reaching over to brush a stray lock of hair out of Nia’s eyes. “Nia, you’re our friend. You’ve risked your life to help us more than once, and I trust you. What happened in another Age doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“You’re something else, Kieran.” Nia shook her head. “But what if you die again? What if the Lover kills you?”

“She’ll have to wait in line.” Nia raised an eyebrow, and Kieran chuckled. “There’s a bit of spirit. Look, there is one thing that I remember. Mokrelus didn’t have it in for the Exalted on principle. Has that changed?”

“No.” Nia shook her head. “Not unless a lot has happened while I was gone. The Lover… I discovered something that she didn’t want me to know, so she used her necromancy to stop my communions with Father. But she couldn’t kill me, or my knowledge would return to him, so she trapped me down there in the darkness.” She paused, and shuddered. “I didn’t think I would ever be free, Kieran.”

“Well, then. If we aren’t enemies by nature, and we aren’t enemies by allegiance, we can still be friends.” Kieran stood, and held out his hand. “Come on, Nia. Let’s head back to the others.”

She looked up at him wonderingly. “Are you sure?”


She took his hand gingerly, and he pulled her to her feet. Together, they walked back through the underbrush.
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27 Jun 2006, 17:41


Why does that Solar have to be so damn nice?

Because that's what Solar do best. Or something.

Simply awesome. You are the man. Please keep writing or I will die.
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