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Twilight of the Second Age - Ch5, Sc1 - Wasteland

14 Aug 2006, 09:23

Table of Contents


After travelling all day and night, the winds began to descend, and Kieran looked down at the island rapidly approaching. He frowned, and looked over to Nia. “Is that it?” She nodded, worriedly, and followed his gaze.

The island was large, but barren. Broken rocks littered the ground, and only a few scraggled bushes and tufts of grass gave any sign of life at all; had he not known, Kieran would have assumed that it was completely abandoned. Not too far away, a great peak rose above the land, but it was just as dark and inhospitable looking, and there were no birdcalls or other sounds. He frowned. “Not exactly a golden palace. I imagine it’s nicer inside, though.”

“Um…” Nia chewed her lip, and shook her head. As the cloud landed on the island, dissolving into wisps of smoke, she sighed. “Sort of? It’s complicated.” She looked around, taking a deep breath. “The master’s not in the position he once occupied, after all, and he, well... he doesn’t care for too much luxury anymore.”

“Right.” Elena shook her head, and then smiled. She turned, poking the wisps, which quavered but failed to dissolve. “Well, good news is we have a way to leave, courtesy of Lord Skulking Bear. Let’s go ahead and get Nia home.”

Kieran nodded, turning to Nia. “Nia, we’ll be right here with you. Everything’s going to be fine.”

“I hope so.” Nia started walking forwards. “I haven’t been in contact with Mokrelus for over fourty years. I don’t know what might have happened in the mean time. Maybe he thinks I abandoned him…”

“Isn’t that, y’know, not possible?” Khory frowned thoughtfully, as the troop proceeded across the ruined landscape towards the mountain. “I was given to understand that you were a part of this Mokrelus fellow. How can a part of something turn against the whole?”

“It happens. We are part of his personality, but he is a complex being, and – as you noticed, I hope – I have a personality of my own. Similar to, but not the same as, his. It makes for an… interesting relationship.” She sighed, and looked around. “But I had forgotten how bleak it was here.”

“It merely reflects our master’s sense of loss at the betrayals that the world has wrought.” Everyone spun in surprise at the voice. Standing behind them was a man, apparantly a Westerner, bigger than even Khory, with his long blue hair stopping at his waist, tied back in a tight ponytail. His eyes glittered blue in the sun, and he smiled unpleasantly. “Nia. I didn’t expect to see you alive again.”

“Sarn.” Nia bowed her head respectfully. “It took far longer than expected, but my mission was a success. These people helped me to return here, with the secret of the Deathlords at my command.”

“Excellent.” Sarn smiled broadly, and raised a hand. The rocks moved, and a half-dozen similar-looking people stepped out from them. Kieran noticed that two were not human at all, but elementals, and frowned thoughtfully. “In that case, friends, we owe you a great debt. Nia’s loss is one that we had never understood, but had resigned ourselves to. The news of her re-emergence was greeted with great joy.” His smile broadened. “You have brought joy to our master even in these dark days, and he is most anxious to see you. Please, if you will follow us.” He swept a hand towards the mountain, and Kieran bowed in return.

“We would be most honoured, Sarn. Thank you.” As they started walking, the guards fell in around them, halfway between an honour guard and a prison detail. Kieran leaned over to Nia, whispering to her. “Is this good, or bad?”

“I don’t know. Something’s wrong, but I’m not sure what.” Nia looked around nervously, and then sighed. “It might be my imagination.”

“I doubt it.” Grimly, Khory looked at their escort. “They’re actin’ afraid. Something’s sure wrong with all this.”

“Well, we’ll find out soon enough.” Kieran sighed, wondering why things couldn’t just go their way. “Soon, we can talk with Mokrelus, and sort all of this out.”

But privately, he wasn’t so sure.
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15 Aug 2006, 20:28

I've been looking forward to a scene like this for a long time. Mokrelus has always been an interesting guy and ever since I discovered Nia was a shard of his, I've been wondering how you'd write this.

I am not disappointed.

Once again, you take all the time you need to without it ever feeling like the story drags. That's fantastic.

Of course, you are now obligated to give me more. More. I need.
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