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Twilight Of The Second Age, Ch5, Sc3 - Determination

18 Aug 2006, 11:03

Table of Contents


The blast of wind caught the guards unprepared, sending them sprawling. Elena flew over the confusion, waving an arm. “Quickly, this way!” Kieran grabbed Nia, who was frozen in surprise, and he Khory dashed after her, into the hallway, as Mokrelus roared with anger and started levering himself forwards. Quickly, she spun, and another gust of wind slammed the doors closed. Nia gasped again, looking to the others.

“I didn’t… he shouldn’t… no….”

“Later!” Khory propped himself against the door as it shuddered under the impact of a blow from the other side. “You with us, girl, or with him?”

“I…” Nia paused, and gritted her teeth. “You.”

“Great. Elena, I don’t know how you did that, but do it again, okay?” Elena nodded, and the four started running away from the door. As it burst open, Elena sent another gust of wind rocketing down the corridor; the guards, prepared, braced themselves against it, but were nonetheless slowed, and the lead widened.

As they ran, Khory turned towards Kieran. “Alright, boss, how do we beat him?”

“Beat him?” Kieran spun down a side corridor, trying to remember the route back to the surface. “This is Mokrelus! The Celestial Caretaker! We can’t beat him!!” He paused, gasping for breath, and Elena glanced back around the corner.

“We’re clear for the moment.” She settled down, shaking her head. “That went badly. Nia, what do we do?”

“I don’t know!!” Nia shook her head, in a panic. “It’s… it’s far worse than I’d feared, in my darkest moments! He’s lost any sense of justice…”

“If he ever had it.” Kieran’s voice was grim. “Nia, you have to face the facts – this is what he had planned from the beginning.”

“It can’t be!” Nia sank to the ground, tears glittering in her eyes, and shook her head. “Everything I went through, the things I did… it just can’t!” She looked pleadingly up at the others. “I’m a part of him, Kieran. A piece of his personality. I just can’t believe that… that I would be capable of that!”

“You aren’t, not necessarily.” Kieran sat down beside Nia, while Elena and Khory kept watch. “Listen to me, Nia.” He took her chin in one hand, smiling sadly. “People are complicated, right? And Mokrelus more than anyone. You… I think your personality is one that is a reflection of what Mokrelus believes of himself, his ideal. Not what he is. And, well… you’ve said yourself that you were cut off from him, and Sirrim said that you’d changed.”

“Changed… yes. Less thinking about my mission, and more about…” She blushed, and looked away quickly. “Other people.” She paused. “Maybe that’s what he’s forgotten. So many people that are just himself, we don’t matter. Not really.” She sighed, and then stiffened. “Oh, no…”

“What is it?”

“He’s trying to find me. To contact me, absorb me.” She gritted her teeth. “The link is still damaged, but this close… now he knows where it is, he’s opening it again. I don’t know if I can shut him out. And if he learns the secret of the Deathlords…” Sweat began to pool, and she stood. “We have to get more distance.”

“How will that help?” Khory sighed. “He’s got a lot of servants, and he can track you, can’t he? Anyway, you’ll die eventually. We can’t just put this off.”

“Sure we can. We can come back later, and…” Nia shook her head, cutting Kieran off.

“It’s too late.” She staggered, and Elena reached back to catch her. “He’s found the link now. He’s going to start pushing through it. And then he’ll absorb me back into him, and I’ll be nothing.”

“There must be something we can do!” Kieran frowned thoughtfully, and Nia sighed.

“No – you have to run! We can’t…” She stopped, slack-jawed. “Absorbed.”

“Look, this is pretty and all, but we need to run.” Khory sighed, looking around the corner again. “They’ll find us any moment.”

“We need a god.” Nia’s voice was soft. “A god who can walk in dreams. Then… it’s too much, I can’t imagine… Kieran, will you help us?”


“All of us. We have to help Mokrelus, and there’s only one way I can imagine to do it.” She shook her head. “I can’t do it alone. Maybe, we can’t do it at all. But…” Seeing the other three staring at her in confusion, she sighed. “If you enter his mind, while he connects with me, we can fight him there. I am a part of him. It is how he works. We can… change him. Change me. Let my part of his personality become dominant, and repair him.”

“What happens to you?” Kieran’s voice was soft.

“There is no me!” Nia almost shouted, buckling again. “Kieran, I am only a part of another being. I am him! I will be him more fully, that’s all.” She fought back tears, failing. “It’s the only way to save him. To stop him.”

Kieran paused, and then sighed. “Alright. We’ll get to the surface, and try to summon Skulking Bear. But Nia…” He paused, and then hugged her abruptly. “I’ll be with you all the way.”

“I know.” With one last hug, the two seperated, and the four started making their way towards the surface.
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18 Aug 2006, 22:59

Yeah, that'ts the beginning of the end right there. Poor Nia.

Ever since I discovered what Nia was...I've been kinda expecting her to go out like this. I'm sad about it but at least I've had time to get ready for it or something.

Good plot, though. Good approach to taking him on, too.
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