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The Dynasty's Shadowed Light, Part 11: Understanding

05 Mar 2007, 15:56

Mnemon ground her teeth, looking over the latest report from her spies. Now it was Cynis Majara who had crossed the floor, voting on behalf of Nagazzer on every major bill in the last two months. Never mind that she had shown little inclination to support Nagazzer’s plans before, suddenly she was his very best friend. It was infuriating.

Worse than that, it was nonsensical. Sinking into a chair, she contemplated her situation. By all rights, she should already be the Empress, preparing for the next stage of her plans. Instead, she was being stymied by a hedonistic cripple and his insane choice of protégé. The two houses that she had counted on to support her were being decidedly lukewarm, and her enemies grew in power daily.

“You know, I could pop right out and kill her.” Perfected Tears Upon Alabastar Sorrow sighed theatrically. “If five or ten senators that oppose you were to drop dead of mysterious but appropriately gruesome circumstances, the rest would fall in line that much more quickly.”

Mnemon glowered at the Abyssal, who was currently sitting idly on a pile of cushions. “I am not about to embark on a campaign of assassination against my own senators.”

“They’re not your senators.” Sorrow’s response was languid, and he leaned back as he shifted his position on the cushions.

“They will be.” Her tone was darkly promising, and Sorrow shrugged.

“I’m sure. But in the mean time, I’m being forced to keep a low profile, and almost anything seems more interesting than sitting here and watching as you gradually implode.”

“Watch your tongue.” Mnemon glared at Sorrow until he looked away.

“My apologies.” He paused. “It was merely… frustration speaking.”

“Frustration, we both have.” She sat down at her desk, picking up a quill pen, and shook her head as she prepared to write new orders for her own senators. “What does the Slug have that I lack?”

“I’d say, about 350 pounds.” Mnemon didn’t bother to glance over at Sorrow. “No? Possibly an endearing nickname, then? A harem?” He shrugged again. “Or perhaps, and this is just a thought, it is that he’s a very genial man. After all, he even deigns to spend time with the regent.” He considered for a moment. “No, wait, this is the Dynasty. It’s probably the harem.” As he settled back, his voice gradually lowered. “I wonder if he shares them with…”

Mnemon did her best to ignore him. She was becoming more and more convinced that the Mask had placed Sorrow at her service for the sole purpose of driving her mad. No matter what the situation, his dry commentary was sure to make it worse, to no particular benefit to…

She stopped, and looked up. “What did you say?”

Sorrow glanced sideways at her, raising an eyebrow delicately. “I was speculating as to Nagazzer’s harem. I didn’t think that you were interested.”

“Not that!” Mnemon waved a hand angrily, and the deathknight’s eyebrow rose further. “Nagazzer is seeing the Regent?”

“Oh, that. Yes, he is. Frequently.” Sorrow paused. “Is that a secret?”

The pen shattered in Mnemon’s hand. Sorrow blinked. “Ah. Apparently so, then.”

All of the pieces fell into place in Mnemon’s mind like a puzzle that she had only just learned the proper shape of. Nagazzer had suborned the Regent. It was unthinkable; the entire reason the regent had been approved was that he was too affable to BE suborned. But with Sidereal support, anyone weak-willed might be shaped into a weapon. Especially someone like that.

It was obvious, so obvious that she was astounded and furious with herself for failing to have noticed it before. But the regent had been sitting there, in plain sight, too spineless for her to consider as anything more than a sop for his advisors. And yet, his knowledge would be great. He knew exactly who was manipulating whom, and for what purposes. Through him, Nagazzer could affect the entire Dynasty.

She looked over to Sorrow, a smile overtaking her features. “You wanted something to do, I believe?”

Sorrow looked worried. “I don’t think I can kill the Regent and live to tell about it, madam.”

“No!” She rolled her eyes. “Why do you assume I want everyone dead?”


She ignored him. “You’re supposed to be as stealthy as a ghost. Spy on the regent. Find out what he is telling Nagazzer. I want all of it. When I know how THEY are planning, it will be simple to work against them. I will turn this little plan of Nagazzer’s inside out.”

Sorrow nodded. “Sounds entertaining, at least.”

Mnemon’s smile broadened. Finally, something was going right.
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05 Mar 2007, 16:00

Oooh... evil side A doesn't want Fokuf to be suborned, eh? ...such a pity that it isn't Fokuf who's being suborned :P
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05 Mar 2007, 16:16

Holy carp, I love your writing, Friv. :)

In particular, Sorrow is just kickass. I've never laughed while reading an Abyssal's role in a story before. I think that's pretty much an exclusive 'you win' kind of thing.

Again, you're fantastic at dialogue.

And at plotting. I wonder how this is going to go...
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05 Mar 2007, 19:30

Very true. If there is one thing you do well Friv, it's write entertaining abyssals.

...That is meant as a compliment btw.
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