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Age Of Bone And Blood, Part Five: The First Meeting

13 Dec 2007, 16:08

Mokrelus’s throne room was much as it had been the year before, when Kieran first saw it – Kieran, Elena, and even Khory had made suggestions over the last year, to be met with a polite refusal. For all the Caretaker’s gifts, a dedication to redecorating was not one of them. Still, it remained a glorious sight in the evening light. The mirrors carefully and subtly worked into the ceiling diffused the light, keeping the room well-lit despite the gathering gloom outside, and no part of the room was better lit than any other.

Mokrelus turned as the two entered the room, a broad smile splitting his craggy features. The Caretaker was much more animated now than on the day Kieran had met him; once again, he was a near blur of motion, even trying to restrain himself before his guests. The heavy jade that had bound him still laid across his skin, but Kieran had helped to rework it into an armor coating that sat easily upon him, only slightly restricting his movement. He inclined his head to Kieran and Elena graciously, raising a hand to the others in the room. “Master Kieran, Madame Elena, thank you for coming so quickly.”

“Indeed.” The first of the three strangers in the room spoke up, looking over the two appraisingly. “I am most intrigued to meet you.” Kieran blinked in surprise, glancing from him to Mokrelus. While the other two were clearly human, he was one of the Fair Folk – his skin was almost translucent, impossibly perfect, and his hair, tied back behind his head, was a perfect sheen of bluish-white. He bowed low. “I am Alakazar, lord of the Silver Court.” Kieran risked another glance at Mokrelus, but the Caretaker was smiling like a child in a candy store, not the reaction Kieran would have expected to having one of the emissaries of the Wyld standing in his throne room.

“Um… it’s an honour to meet you, Lord Alakazar.” Kieran paused for a moment, searching his memory. The Silver Court seemed oddly familiar, but he couldn’t quite…

Everything clicked together at once. Kieran’s smile returned, growing genuine. “I have heard much of your Court, Lord. I must admit, I thought they were a rumour spread by the credulous. I’m happy to be proven wrong.” Elena raised an eyebrow, but followed his lead by bowing. Kieran turned to the other two, glancing over the woman. Pale, thin, dark-haired and modestly dressed, the silver tattoos that adorned her skin were easily missed next to her companion’s radiance. “In which case, am I right in assuming that I am speaking to the Lady Serafin, of Gaia?”

There was a short intake of breath beside him, as Elena clued in. Serafin nodded, her own smile growing. “That you are, Master Kieran. And I am glad to meet you, as well.”

Kieran let out his breath. “Another rumour that I’m glad to see is true.” Serafin chuckled, and he glanced over at the third man. “And…?”

“Thetram Nash.” The third man spoke softly. “An advisor to the Conduit.”

“I see.” Kieran looked inquisitive, but Nash didn’t take the hint. A few servants arrived with chairs, and Mokrelus waved the group to them.

“Please, sit. I find that I prefer to stand these days, but I wouldn’t dream of leaving all of you doing the same.” He grinned, looking from Serafin to Kieran. “Kieran, I’ve just been talking to the Conduit, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave off your negotiations for the moment. I’ll be taking over for you, though, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Taking over? Leaving? What’s going on?” Elena took a chair without looking, starting to frown thoughtfully. “No offense, but we’re doing a lot of good here – and ma’am, I don’t see how Kieran can be of particular help to you, more so than he is already doing here.”

Serafin sat calmly, letting Elena finish. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t critical. I need Kieran for a very specific reason, and it’s not something that anyone else can do.” She paused. “Well, that’s not entirely true, but there are only a few people who can do it, and I’m going to need to assemble all of them if I want us to succeed. I’m sure you all know by now about the Competition.”

Kieran nodded, sitting down next to Elena. “Of course – I would think that every Exalt left in Creation knows by now, along with most of the mortal population. We’ve been working to get the Elemental Courts onboard to fight the Conduits.” He paused. “Other than you, ma’am.”

Serafin laughed easily, seeming less like an incarnation of power and more like a young woman. Alakazar stepped up behind her, smiling down at his wife, as she continued. “I have heard of that, and I hear you’re doing very well, too. But this is actually more important.” She leaned in, her expression growing serious. “How much do you know about Autochthon?”

“Um… the Great Maker? Well, he was one of the Primordials. He left a long time ago, though.”

“He did. And he left a gateway behind that could find him. In the city of…” Serafin broke off suddenly, her expression suddenly as intent as a hunting cat.

“Serrish Vel.” Kieran finished the thought without thinking. Then he froze, and stared at Serafin, who smiled triumphantly.

“Exactly. And no one knows that but Gaia – and through her, me. Except for five people – the only Solar Circle that Autochthon trusted with his secret. He told them where he was going, and gave them the power to pass through the Seal of Eight Divinities with which he guarded himself. He knew that they might need him some day, but he didn’t trust the Deliberative as a whole. That power passed through their incarnations, to the present day.”

“Me?” Kieran’s voice was weak. Serafin nodded.

“You. Tandar Kieran, you are one of four people alive who can find Autochthon and bring him into this war. And we need him, desperately.” She looked over at him slowly. “I can’t demand this of you, but I ask. Will you help me?”

“Of course.” Kieran swallowed heavily. “Getting the Maker back. I can hardly imagine it.”

“It will be amazing.” Mokrelus’s voice was soft. “His miracles carried the war for the Exalted last time, and he has had millennia to hone his arsenals. He might yet help us win this.”

“Thank you.” Serafin smiled brightly, her intentness vanishing. “Well, that’s one problem solved. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to find your old Circle-mates. Nash was only able to find one of their locations before he was chased from Heaven. I was just discussing that with Mokrelus when you came in – he was going to check with his Splinters…”

“And while we were talking, I did.” Mokrelus grinned as he spoke up, drawing everyone’s attention to him. “I think you may be in luck, my lady, if we hurry. Two of them are coming together even now, and they’re no more than a thousand miles away.”

Alakazar nodded solemnly. “The Story provides, it seems.”

Nash rolled his eyes, speaking for the first time since he introduced himself. “Fate provides, you mean.” The Fair Folk merely chuckled, and Kieran suppressed a laugh. He had a hunch as to Nash’s nature now, between this and Serafin’s comments.

“Alright, then. If we know where they are, let’s get moving. I’ll tender my regrets to Storms-As-He-Walks and Whistling River, and then we can go meet some Solars.” Kieran grinned again. He hadn’t met very many Solars yet; only a handful now. It would be interesting to see what others had made of themselves in this world…
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Re: Age Of Bone And Blood, Part Five: The First Meeting

13 Dec 2007, 20:34

Well now, won't this be fun! Will this be both Fokuf and Alina or someone else, I wonder? This will be very cool.
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Re: Age Of Bone And Blood, Part Five: The First Meeting

14 Dec 2007, 00:03

Mokrelus was leaving out the part about Autochthon also suffering from Primordial Asthma for just as long, but it has been a while. <^_^>
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Re: Age Of Bone And Blood, Part Five: The First Meeting

11 May 2008, 22:20

So, adding to my earlier remarks, this part and the last part might have worked better rolled into one. But it's a minor point.

Woohoo for the plot! This promises to be awesome! In all seriousness, I've never seen an Alchemical scenario that involved Creation's heroes being the ones that start things...and the Alchemicals might be just what Gaia needs to turn the tables against all those other Conduits. Because, let's face it, Serafin is still hugely outnumbered.

Much <3 for Kieran being back.
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